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Lightyear Frontier: How to Get All Tools for Your Mech



Lightyear Frontier: How to Get All Tools for Your Mech

A mysterious Alien Planet has a lot to offer in terms of resources and materials and players must extract all the essential items on each day of survival to craft essential items and make a habitat living for themselves. However, before players get to gather the resources and kinds of alien crop seeds, they must find all the essential tools for their Mech.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get all the tools for your mech in Lightyear Frontier.

All Tools for Your Mech in Lightyear Frontier

Upon crash landing on a mysterious planet, players can find their Mech near the crash site. However, all the tools of Mech will get scattered around the area that players must find to unlock the abilities of gathering resources, farming, sprouting, and much more. There are five main tools for your mech that you need to find scattered around The Meadows region of the planet.

  • Irrigation Hose – Used for washing away the Slime in the regions and watering the planted crops.
  • Seed Shooter – Used for planting the alien crop seeds in the farming plots.
  • Spike Saw – Used for breaking the stones, trees, nodes, etc.
  • Sprout Canon – Used for planting the various tree sprouts in the ground.
  • Vacuum Harvester – Used for harvesting resources, seeds, and even water.

Where to Find All Tools for Your Mech in Lightyear Frontier

All the tools of your Mech will be scattered around the Meadows region which is the starting region of the game. Each tool will be located inside a cargo box with orange smoke coming out of it, revealing the location of the tool. You need to get inside your mech and follow the orange smokes to get to each cargo box and open it to get all the tools.

It will take a few minutes of exploration to find all the cargo boxes as smoke can be seen from a great distance. Simply go over to the cargo box and interact with it to retrieve the tool. Once you have acclaimed all the tools, you will be able to switch between them freely through the Tool Wheel by pressing the Q button.

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