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Lightyear Frontier: How to Get Wood



Lightyear Frontier: How to Get Wood

The mysterious Alien Planet in Lightyear Frontier offers various kinds of resources that players will be able to get using various kinds of Mech’s Tools. One of the resources that have several types is Wood. However, a stand wood type is called Wood and players will need in larger quantities, especially in the early hours of the gameplay.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to get Wood in Lightyear Frontier.

How to Get Wood in Lightyear Frontier

The basic wood type in Lightyear Frontier is “Wood” which can be obtained from every region of the planet. However, not all trees drop “Wood”, as certain trees drop other types of wood including Hardwood, Softwood, etc. Despite all of these kinds of wood, players must use a certain Mech Tool, Spike Saw which players will be able to find in the early hour of the game.

To get the Wood, players have to equip the Spike Saw from the Tool Wheel by pressing the Q button and then they need to start searching for the “Green Trees”. The Green Trees drop the Wood upon cutting them using the Spike Saw whereas, other trees like Yellow Tree or Glo Tree will drop other types of wood.

Furthermore, there are two types of Green Trees around the planet. One is a thinner one and the other is the thicker one. You will have to cut the thinner ones to get the regular wood as the thicker ones will firstly require an upgrade for Spike Saw and secondly, it will drop hardwood instead of regular wood.  

Now, that you have learned how to get the regular wood for your structures like small tents, storage boxes, workshop sheds, and many more, you can go out and start cutting trees like a champ.

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