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Dragon’s Dogma 2: Tips & Tricks Beginners Guide



Dragon’s Dogma 2: Tips & Tricks Beginners Guide

Setting forth on an adventure set in a fantasy world of Dragon’s Dogma and exploring the world in the surroundings of two main nations, Vermund and Battahl will let you run into several new things. Finding several items and resources through exploration, equipping new equipment, hiring side pawns, pursuing quests, or even saving your progress in a couple of different ways so that you don’t lose progress, all of them have several aspects that you should learn to have a better start in the adventure.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Beginner’s Guide

Dragon’s Dogma 2 follows a very unique approach for an RPG where the world exploration is more vast and complex than any other RPG out there. Right off the bat, when you get to create your character, certain elements in the character creator can grant you certain bonuses at the start that most of the players will overlook.

Prioritize Max Encumbrance and Movement Speed While Creating Your Character

Our first tip comes in for the very beginning step of your adventure in Dragon’s Dogma 2 world and that is to prioritize Max Encumbrance and Movement Speed while creating your character. The Max Encumbrance is what your character can carry including all items and equipment whereas, the movement speed is your character’s Jog Speed which is without using the sprint action.

To acquire the maximum encumbrance, you need to build your character with 109 or more weight. 109 should be the sweet weight for your character as anything above it doesn’t really increase the encumbrance. Additionally, weight is also determined by the height of your character so, if you build a character with more height, it will weigh higher allowing you to have more carrying capacity right off the bat.

Furthermore, increasing height is also crucial for getting more movement speed. Characters with a shorter height will have a lower movement speed as well as weigh less which would let you carry fewer items.

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Switch Vocation After Maxing its Rank

Our net tip is regarding improving your combat playstyle. As you get to start with one vocation or class, it will not take much longer to maximize the rank of your vocation. Reaching new ranks and maximizing a vocation will unlock Augments that you can carry over to another vocation. Consult with an NPC in the main towns to switch your vocations and take a different role to maximize it and unlock a new augmentation.

It is not only for your main character, Arisen but also for your main Pawn. If your Pawn has maximized a vocation, you will be able to change their vocation as well and even equip their augmentation or equip them with your unlocked augmentations. There are a lot of experiments that can be done for your playstyle in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and it is better to master all the classes and build a unique one by yourself by equipping various augmentations for both Arisen and Pawn to have an unstoppable power.

It is Better to Have a Mage Pawn with You

Another tip regarding combat is it is always better to have a Mage vocation Pawn with you. Mages have a primary skill called Anodyne which heals you throughout the fight allowing you to maintain the aggression on the enemies without using your healing potions. If you have your Loyal Pawn as a Mage then it is far better as Loyal Pawn levels up with you and unlocks more skills which you will be able to teach them at the Vocation NPC.

Deposit Your Findings at All Costs

Our next tip is regarding managing your inventory and some exploration. Throughout your endeavors in the open world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will get to find various fruits and items that all have a certain use. Each item can be combined into something useful like healing potions and so on. Items like ores, talons, sacks, horns, etc. can weigh a lot and can drag you down in your exploration.

You can deposit such items by going to the Inn and managing your inventory. Doing this will let you explore more freely but another advantage of this is you can combine items directly from the Inn so there is no need to keep such things in your inventory.

However, apart from these items, the items like fruits and meat will spoil and ripe over time. It will require you to use such items quickly or combine them into useful potions or ingredients to save them from spoiling. Moreover, even the spoiled and ripened versions of such items can be combined into useful items a Ripened Fruit can be turned into a Dried Fruit which saves it from turning into a Rotten version and can be used to regenerate some health points.

Inventory management is very crucial in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and it is only best to keep useful items like Healing Potions, Ferrystone, Permits, and equipment in your inventory. All the other items should be deposited at the Inn so that you can combine them later when you return from your endeavors.

Don’t Forget to Sleep to Create an Additional Save File

Our final tip is regarding keeping your progress saved at all costs. Dragon’s Dogma 2 has some complications regarding saving your progress as the Manual Save in the game gets overwritten whenever there is an Autosave stage. The Autosave writes over your manual save which removes the save file that you have created which left you with a decision that you didn’t wish to make.

However, there is a way to tackle this complication. There are two Load Checkpoints in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and they can be seen whenever you launch your game. One is “Load from Last Save” which loads whatever the latest save file. It can be your manual save if the game hasn’t autosaved at any point after your manual save point or it will be an autosave point. The other one is “Load from Last Inn Rest” which loads the game from whenever you rested at the Inn or inside your house.

NOTE: Resting at the Campsites does not count in the “Load from Last Inn Rest”. You would have to rest at the Inn or inside your house to create a such save file.

As every small settlement and main town has an Inn in it, you must sleep at the Inn before taking down any major main quest to create a save file before any of your manual save or autosave. It would work like a backup save file for you. However, it does cost gold to sleep at the Inn but as money isn’t the issue in the game, you will have no problem creating multiple save files at the Inn in your daily progression.

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