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Dragon’s Dogma 2: Best Mage Beginners Build



Dragon’s Dogma 2: Best Mage Beginners Build

Mage is one of the most popular and effective vocations that players will be able to choose for their journey when starting out as an Arisen in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This spell-casting class can provide both offensive and support maneuvers during fights which is essential in Dragon’s Dogma 2. However, it will require you to play strategically to buff your characters, cure them of all the status ailments, heal them, or go aggressive with your various elemental spells.

Pursuing your journey as a Mage will let you rank up the Mage Vocation unlocking new weapon skills, core skills, and augmentations that are essential to making a powerful build for the Mage character. The Mage is mainly a support character that provides buff to the party, heals them, and cures them of status effects but it can also be played as an aggressive class by casting lightning, fire, and ice spells on the enemies to deal extensive damage.

For all strategic tactics, offensive/defensive skills, core skills and augmentations, and the best equipment for the Mage vocation early in the game keep on reading this guide.

Best Weapon Skills for Mage in Early Game

You can equip four different Weapon Skills at a time which you get to unlock from the Vocation Guild store. As you rank up Mage Vocation, you will unlock more weapon skills at the store which you can acquire with DCP, a currency that is granted as you defeat the enemies. The best four weapon skills that you should equip in your Mage class are the following.

  • Flagration
  • Levin
  • Fire Boon
  • Halidom

Flagration is the primary weapon skill that is pre-equipped in the Mage class that allows you to spread fire in the forward direction. It is super effective in the early game as a lot of the enemies get burn damage over time and as you rank up the vocation, you will unlock the High Flagration which unleashes a more powerful jet of flame.

Levin would be your other offensive spell that drops lightning strikes onto the enemies. Unlike the Flagration, it has a decent range and can be used from a safe spot allowing your party to push ahead and deal damage to the enemies from a distance. Similar to Flagration, you will also unlock its upgraded version by ranking up the vocation which is more effective.

Fire Boon would be your first and most effective buff spell as a mage which allows you to enchant an ally’s weapons with fire which will allow them to deal fire damage to the enemies. It is best to buff your allies throughout the fight to inflict as much damage as possible on the enemies.

Halidom is another supportive spell that will allow you to cast a magickal sigil which cures the status effects on you and your allies. It is very effective against certain enemies that inflict status ailments.

Best Core Skills & Augmentations for Mage in Early Game

For the Core Skills, you want to acquire all of them as they increase the passive abilities of the Mage. However, if you are confused about which ones to acquire first then you should go for the following two.

  • Quickspell
  • Levitate

The Quickspell core skill greatly hastens incantation speed allowing you to cast spells more quickly by consuming stamina. While casting the spell, press the required button to quickly cast the spell.

The Levitate improves the traversal of the mage and allows you to levitate in the air to cover more ground in a short period by consuming stamina.

For the Augmentations, again you need to equip every single one as they will also increase the passive skills of Mage. The best augmentations that you need to pick are Apotropaism and Intervention which will increase Magick Defense and reduce the duration of status ailments that you are afflicted with.

Best Equipment for Mage in Early Game

The Mage vocation has very limited options early in the game as most of the items will be for other classes like Fighter and Thief. However, you can get yourself a Missionary’s Robe from the vendor in Borderwatch Outpost for 780 Gold which has an elemental resistance against Ice and Lightning.

From there, you need to progress in the story until you reach Vernworth. Here you will be able to purchase a decent staff, Anchor to Heaven for 6,200 Gold. It has a higher base and Magick damage along with more Knockdown Power. Here, you can also purchase Verger’s Gown for 10,200 Gold which has better defensive stats than Missionary’s Robe.

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