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Princess Peach: Showtime – How to Defeat Madame Grape



Princess Peach: Showtime – How to Defeat Madame Grape

Madame Grape is the final boss in Princess Peach: Showtime which players will get to encounter after completing all four 5F Levels and saving all Sparklas in all 10 BF (basement levels). Completing the levels will reveal the boss door in the theatre that Stella will get to unlock using 30 Sparkle Gems.

The boss fight against Madame Grape takes place in two different arenas in which she uses distinct attacks that players must dodge to counter back at her. This guide will cover the whole fight and highlight how to defeat Madame Grape in Princess Peach: Showtime.

How to Defeat Madame Grape in Princess Peach: Showtime!

Defeating Madame Grape will require players to shoot Sparkle Bursts at her in both of the phases which is possible due to Peach’s Radiant Transformation. The Radiant Transformation is a secret transformation that will grant great powers to Peach which will allow her to shoot Sparkle Bursts (B) and Sparkle Beam (hold B).

1st Phase

The first phase of the fight takes place on a grand stage created by Madame Grape. It is a circular stage in which Madame Grape will spawn Sour Bunch Ghosts around her. You need to shoot Sparkle Bursts at her repeatedly from the open spots to directly hit Madame Grape to deal damage to her. You can also shoot at the ghosts to eliminate them to hit Madame Grape. However, it is easy to move around the stage to hit her.

During the fight, there are three different anomalies that Madame Grape will spawn, Sparklers, Train, and Gifts. Sparklers will take a bit of time to turn On and it will have a smoke animation that you can telegraph to move around to find the safe spot and dodge the attack.

For the train, you need to fly high to avoid it. Lastly, for the gifts anomaly, move around the stage to avoid getting hit by the gifts. While dodging all of these anomalies, don’t stop shooting the Sparkle Bursts at Madame Grape to eventually defeat her and move on to the next phase.

2nd Phase

After defeating Madame Grape in the first phase, a cutscene will play out revealing the second phase of the fight. During the second phase of the fight, you need to shoot the Sparkle Beam at the mask of Madame Grape to deal damage to her. She will use two attacks during this phase. One of them are projectile and the other one is the lasers.

Projectiles are easy to dodge as they can be seen from a distance whereas, for the lasers, you will have to telegraph it to find the safe spot to dodge the attack. Avoid both of the attacks by moving around and keep shooting at her to eventually defeat her.

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