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Princess Peach: Showtime – How to Defeat Disco Wing



Princess Peach: Showtime – How to Defeat Disco Wing

Disco Wing is the first boss in Princess Peach: Showtime which players will get to encounter after completing all four 1F Levels. Completing the levels will reveal a mysterious door in the theatre that Stella will get to unlock using 10 Sparkle Gems. Going through the door will initiate the fight with Disco Wing.

How to Defeat Disco Wing in Princess Peach: Showtime!

Defeating the Disco Wing will require you to use the Sparkle (B) to hit the dropped disco balls by the Disco Wing. It is a three-phased boss fight in which he will be inverting the arena from time to time.

1st Phase

He will drop two – three Disco Balls in the first phase before inverting the arena. You need to dodge the dropping disco balls by moving around and then hit the disco balls by using the sparkle to hit the Disco Wing flying above. You need to hit the Disco Wing at least two times to break the Disco Ball on the boss which will drop a purple aura in the arena. Hit the purple aura with the Sparkle to initiate the second phase.

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2nd Phase

At the start of the second phase, you need to dodge the cubes that Disco Wing drops in the arena. Stand in the middle of the boxes and let the Disco Wing invert the arena. After that, stand on the boxes and dodge the rolling ball attack by jumping over the disco ball.

Now, wait for the disco balls to drop and be ready to use the sparkle to hit the Disco Wing when flying above the balls. Be aware because some of the balls will crack and spawn small wing creatures that you need to dodge by jumping over them. Hit the Disco Wing two times by using the sparkle on the disco balls to break the disco ball on the boss. It will drop a purple aura again so hit it again to initiate the final phase of the fight.

3rd Phase

Similar to the second phase, Disco Wing will drop blocks in the arena that you need to dodge and stand in the middle of them until he inverts the arena. As soon as the arena inverts, jump onto the blocks and wait for the disco ball to roll into the boxes. Jump over the ball to dodge it and then go underneath the bouncing ball.

Now, Disco Wing will drop two to three disco balls at a time which will spawn small wing creatures. Some of the balls will not break, you need to hit them with the Sparkle to damage the boss. After hitting the Disco Wing for two times, it will drop the final purple aura that you need to hit to conclude the boss fight.

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