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Princess Peach: Showtime – How to Defeat Spotlion



Princess Peach: Showtime – How to Defeat Spotlion

Spotlion is the fourth boss in Princess Peach: Showtime which players will get to encounter after completing all four 4F Levels. Completing the levels will reveal the boss door in the theatre that Stella will get to unlock using 25 Sparkle Gems.

Spotlion has several attacks which mainly include orb and projectile attacks along with duplication. Players must dodge and counter the orb attacks to deal damage to Spotlion. This guide will cover the method for defeating Spotlion boss in Princess Peach: Showtime.

How to Defeat Spotlion in Princess Peach: Showtime!

The fight against Spotlion is a three-phased boss fight in which Spotlion will be using several attacks as well as duplicating itself. However, the essential method to defeat Spotlion is to focus on its orb attack as it can be thrown back to Spotlion by using the Sparkle (B) attack.

1st Phase

During the first phase, Spotlion will only use the orb attack which can be countered by using the Sparkle attack. You need to stay under the platform of Spotlion and use the sparkle attack whenever it throws the orb underneath. Upon hitting the Spotlion two times, it will change the arena a bit and add reflectors around the corner.

Here you need to wait underneath a reflector and when the orb reaches you, use the sparkle to send it back to Spotlion to hit it. Hitting the Spotlion a total of three times during phase one will break its structure and reveal the purple aura. Attack the purple aura to move on to the next phase.

2nd Phase

At the start of the second phase, Spotlion will remove the platforms from the left side of the arena so, be ready to run to the right side when a spotlight appears. Stay on the platform on the right side and wait for the Spotlion to shoot the orbs to throw them back. Hitting the Spotlion with the orbs will make it use the laser projectile attack which can be dodged by going up and down respective to the laser attack. Similar to the first phase, hitting the Spotlion three times will break it and drop an aura that you can hit to progress to the final phase of the fight.

3rd Phase

The third phase of this fight is more difficult than the previous phases as Spotlion will use duplication along with all the attacks. At the start of the phase, stand a bit right or left of the platform on which Spotlion is and hit the orb to make it hit the Spotlion. After this attack, Spotlion will make a duplicate of itself and alter the arena with the projectors.

Stand in the middle of the arena and hit the orb of each Spotlion to send it back to them, When the Spotlion uses a laser attack, you need to stand underneath its platform to dodge the attack. Another duplication attack that Spotlion will use is the jump attack where it will duplicate three more Spotlions. You can easily figure out the real one by seeing the purple aura in the middle of Spotlion. Upon noticing the aura, go to a safe distance to dodge the jump attack.

Other than that, the rest of the phase is simple and you need to hit Spotlion three times to make it drop the aura which will allow you to conclude the boss fight by hitting it.

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