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Princess Peach: Showtime – How to Get a Heart Charm



Princess Peach: Showtime – How to Get a Heart Charm

Princess Peach: Showtime is a brand-new action-adventure game from Nintendo that offers various transformations for Princess Peach which gives her unique abilities respective to transformation. As players will get to find various Sparkle powers that will help transform Princess Peach to clear the stage ahead, some of the stages can be quite difficult to complete, especially with a low health of 5 Hearts. Fortunately, Nintendo has added an in-game feature that will allow players to gain an extra three hearts for each stage by getting a Heart Charm.

How to Get a Heart Charm in Princess Peach: Showtime!

The Heart Charm can be equipped with two different methods in Princess Peach: Showtime. The first method is a manual one and will require players to talk to a Staff Member in the middle of the Theatre Lobby. Speaking with the staff member will ask players if they want a Heart Charm. Selecting the “Yes” option will grant them a Heart Charm which will increase the number of total Hearts to eight.

The second method to equip the Heart Charm is when you are having a difficult time completing a stage and you die two times in a row. In such case, the game will automatically ask you whether you like to try using a Heart Charm or not. Similarly, selecting the “Yes” option will equip the Heart Charm giving them a bonus of an extra three hearts.

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How to Disable the Heart Charm in Princess Peach: Showtime

After getting the Heart Charm, if you feel like the stages have become far easier and you wish to experience some challenge, then you can return the Heart Charm back to the Staff Member to disable the Heart Charm.

To do so, you need to reach the Theatre Lobby and speak with the same Staff Member in the middle of the room and it will give you the option to return the Heart Charm, select “Yes” to return the Heart Charm which will disable the effect of Heart Charm and bring Princess Peach back to a total of five hearts.

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