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Princess Peach: How to Defeat Purrjector Cat



Princess Peach: How to Defeat Purrjector Cat

Purrjector Cat is the third boss in Princess Peach: Showtime which players will get to encounter after completing all four 3F Levels. Completing the levels will reveal the boss door in the theatre that Stella will get to unlock using 20 Sparkle Gems.

Purrjector Cat uses various striking attacks along with an AOE attack that players must counter to deal damage to it. This guide will provide you with all the techniques that will help you defeat Purrjector Cat in Princess Peach: Showtime!

How to Defeat Purrjector Cat in Princess Peach: Showtime!

Defeating the Purrjector Cat will require you to use the Sparkle (B) to hit the mice to activate them like an explosive. After that, you need to wait for the Purrjector Cat to do the AOE attack which will make the explosive mouse go up in the air and hit the cat. It is a three-phased boss fight in which Purrjector will have different attacks in each phase but the AOE attack remains the same.

1st Phase

The first phase of the fight is simple enough as all you have to do is hit the mouse to activate it and then hit the cat’s paw before it turns into a paw attack. Hitting the paw of the cat will make the boss do the AOE attack for which you have to push the mouse into the middle of the arena by using the sparkle.

The boss will do the AOE attack by slamming both of his paws in the arena and you need to jump up before paws hit the arena to dodge the attack. Doing it right will make the mouse lift up in the air which will hit the boss and drop the purple aura. Hit the purple aura with Sparkle to move onto the next phase.

2nd Phase

In the second phase, there will be several new attacks that the Purrjector Cat will use. One of the initial ones is the tail attacks that you can dodge by jumping over the tail. Furthermore, the boss will also do a single paw slam attack that you need to dodge by moving away from the slam. You can also counter this attack by getting to an enough safe distance from the slam and then quickly coming back to the paw and hitting it with a sparkle.

Other than these attacks, the boss will do the paw attack with both of its paws so be ready to hit each paw to initiate the AOE attack. While dodging these attacks, you should attack the mouse to activate it and then move it around until the boss does an AOE attack. Dodge the attack by jumping at the right time to hit the boss with the mouse and then hit the purple aura to move onto the final phase.

3rd Phase

The third phase is similar to the second phase of the fight as it will contain all the attacks from the second phase. However, the boss will mix up these attacks. For instance, the paw slam attack is combined with a paw attack. So, you will have to counter the attacks accordingly and then activate the mouse as well by hitting it to make the final blow. Once done, hit the purple aura for the final time to conclude the boss fight.

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