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Dragon’s Dogma 2: Best Thief Beginners Build



Dragon's Dogma 2: Best Thief Beginners Build

The Thief is the highest DPS vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 as it has the highest mobility allowing you to dodge away from the enemies’ incoming attack along with striking the enemies with quick stabs and strikes. Not only this vocation is best for the players who like to play offensive but also for those who like to be stealthy as there are several abilities and skills which will allow you to sneak your way to targets and demolish them completely.

Pursuing your journey as a Thief will let you rank up the Thief Vocation unlocking new weapon skills, core skills, and augmentations that are essential to making a powerful build for the Thief character. The Thief is mainly a high DPS character that can strike enemies a lot quicker than any other class and get away without taking any hits due to a special withdrawal ability.

For all strategic tactics, offensive/defensive skills, core skills and augmentations, and the best equipment for the Thief vocation early in the game keep on reading this guide.

Best Weapon Skills for Thief in Early Game

You can equip four different Weapon Skills at a time which you get to unlock from the Vocation Guild store. As you rank up Thief Vocation, you will unlock more weapon skills at the store which you can acquire with DCP, a currency that is granted as you defeat the enemies. As mentioned earlier, Thief can be played in two main ways, offensively or stealthily. It is all up to you how you want to play as a Thief class. We will be listing down the four best weapon skills that you need to acquire in the early ranks of Thief Vocation both for offensive and stealth playstyle.

The best four weapon skills that you should equip in your Thief class are the following.

  • Biting Wind (Both offensive and stealth)
  • Enkindled Blades (offensive)
  • Shadow Cloak (Stealth)
  • Helm Splitter (Both offensive and stealth)
  • Powder Charge (offensive)
  • Concussive Step (Both offensive and stealth)

The Biting Wind is the primary weapon skill that is pre-equipped in the Thief class. It will allow you to charge ahead while consuming a bit of stamina and attacking any enemy in your way. It is one of the best weapon skills for Thief not only for the beginning stage but later in the game as you would unlock its advanced version at Rank 4 of Thief Vocation. You can use it early in the fight to cover the gap between your party and the enemies to deal damage to them without letting them hit you. It is greatly helpful in both offensive and stealth playstyles.

Enkindled Blades will allow you to enchant your blades with fire allowing you to deal burn damage to enemies as you strike them. This weapon skill is effective if you don’t have a Mage with Fire Boon weapon skill. However, if you do have one, it is still effective as you don’t have to rely on your Mage to buff you as you can buff indefinitely whenever you want.

Shadow Cloak would be great for Stealth playstyle as it will allow you to hide under a cloak and walk around the enemies without even letting them notice you. It is great for backstabbing enemies as backstabbing smaller enemies can kill them with a single attack. While your party engages with enemies in a battle from the front, you can walk around and kill the enemies in the back to assist your party in the fight.

Helm Splitter is great in any playstyle as it allows you to deal with both airborne and giant enemies. It lifts your character in the air while spinning and attacking swiftly anything against it. You can combine it well with the Shadow Cloak to get behind a giant enemy without raising any suspicions and then hit them with the Helm Splitter to deal extensive damage.

Powder Charge is one of the best early weapon skills as it will allow you to plant an explosive charge on the ground or even the bodies of the enemies that you climb. Use the ability to drop an exclusive charge and then dodge away from it to trigger the explosive to deal extensive damage.

Concussive Step is another great weapon skill for early build as it allows you to dash away while blasting the point of withdrawal. It is both great for offensive and stealth playstyles as it can take out a larger number of smaller enemies with ease as well as have a chance of larger enemies to flinch.

Best Core Skills & Augments for Thief in Early Game

For the Core Skills, you want to acquire all of them as they increase the passive abilities of the Thief. However, if you are confused about which ones to acquire first then you should go for the following two.

  • Scarlet Kisses
  • Controlled Fall

Scarlet Kisses allows your base attack to turn into a flurry of forward slashes which deals more damage than the regular attacks. Controlled Fall is more of a defensive skill that allows you to roll just before hitting the ground to prevent getting knocked down.

For the Augments, you must grab the Subtlety and Gratification but for even more useful augments, try using Fighter’s Thew or Mage’s Exaltation. Thew will allow you to carry more items and Exaltation will increase the Stamina Recover Speed.

Best Equipment for Thief in Early Game

To get the best early equipment for Thief, you must wait until you reach Vernworth, the Capital of Vermund because there aren’t any great weapons or armor sets that you will be able to get from the vendors in the early areas. It is best to save your Gold and use it to purchase the weapons and armor sets from the smithy stores in Vernworth.

For the armor set, I would recommend you purchase the Ranger’s Vest for 7,900 Gold as it has elemental resistance against ice and lightning as well as gives a decent knockdown resistance. You can pair it with Ranger’s Tights which can be found for free inside Trevo Mine where you can find the weapons for unlocking Warrior and Sorcerer vocations. Lastly, pick up the Sprinter’s Boots from the smithy store for 7,900 Gold which also provides knockdown resistance.

Finally, for the weapons, there aren’t many options in the early game but when you reach Vernworth, there are two main options that you can go for. One is Stilettos and the other one is Snagdaggers. Stilettos will cost you 5,300 Gold whereas, Snagdaggers will cost you 14,800 Gold. Obviously, Snagdaggers have more base damage but they are also heavier so if you don’t want to make your character heavier, then you can go for Stilettos as they do provide decent base damage.

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