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Dragon’s Dogma 2: Where to Find Marcher’s Armor Set Early



Dragon’s Dogma 2: Where to Find Marcher’s Armor Set Early

Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers one of the vast exploration experiences than any other RPG out there and while you are traversing through the world and visiting various settlements and towns, always look out for the chests to find useful items. One of the best early-game items that players can acquire is a Marcher’s Set which players can easily run for the first 10 – 15 hours of their gameplay.

Where to Find Marcher’s Armor Set Early in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Marcher’s Armor Set is found in a chest located inside Vernworth Castle which players will get to reach during the early hours of the gameplay and depending on how quickly they travel to Vernworth, Capital of Vermund. As Dragon’s Dogma 2 is quite a large game, it does not offer any kind of leisure in traversal which requires you to travel on foot for great distances.

Once you have reached Vernworth, after taking care of business in Melve, go to the south side of the city to enter Vernworth Castle. From here, you need to traverse to the eastern side of the castle to reach Venworth Castle Gaol Tower.

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Just before this tower, there will be a well with a ladder on the right side through which you can go down and reach a passageway. Go to the very end of the passageway to find the chest which you can loot to get the following items.

  • Marcher’s Helm
  • Marcher’s Armor
  • Marcher’s Cuisses
  • Expeditioner’s Cloak

Is Marcher’s Armor Set any Good?

Marcher’s Armor Set can come quite in handy for any vocation as it offers decent defensive stats that will let you survive through several future fights. However, this particular armor set does not have any bonus stats or resistance against any status effects so it can be sometimes hard to trust this very armor set.

Fortunately, you can upgrade each single piece of this armor set to improve the defensive stats against normal and magick attacks which can provide a bit more air to breathe in the fights.

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