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Rockstar Games Announced and Confirmed Releasing the First Trailer for Highly Anticipated GTA VI



There have been a lot of rumors going on for Rockstar Games planning to announce GTA VI in the current week and release the first trailer for the game early in December due to Rockstar’s 25th anniversary. At first, people took this news as another bluff like many other announcements news on GTA VI in the past but this news went crazy viral, and the game journalists started posting about the announcement for GTA VI.

Despite all the previous false announcements on GTA VI, this news finally came true as Rockstar Games officially announced GTA VI in their tweet just about half an hour ago and confirmed the showcase of its first trailer early in December. This confirmation tweet was done by Sam Houser himself, the co-founder and president of Rockstar Games. The tweet didn’t show any official art for GTA VI but only Rockstar Games’ classic logo.

With this official announcement, TheGameAwards also has started trending on X because they are going to place their event in December in which they will showcase all the new games and give out awards for this year’s games including the Best Game of 2023. It is certainly the biggest stage for Rockstar to announce the first trailer for GTA VI and the hype has already begun for both Rockstar Games and TheGameAwards.

It hasn’t been an hour since the tweet and it already has over 14 million views. Everyone is hyped after this long-awaited official announcement. Even celebrities are posting on X about the confirmation of the game.

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