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Rockstar Games Might Be Announcing the Highly Anticipated GTA VI This Very Week



Gta vi might be announcing this very week

Grand Theft Auto VI has been a highly anticipated game for the past few years as it has been a decade since the launch of its predecessor, GTA V. The wait for the next Grand Theft Auto game has already been past the patience level of the fans but yet they still hold on to every leak and news on GTA VI to get back their hopes up.

A new report has been reported by Jason Schreier on X in a tweet highlighting that Rockstar plans to announce GTA VI as early as this week. He explained in his article that the people who are familiar with this plan themselves said about this leak because they are not authorized to speak publicly. Not only that but they also said that Rockstar Games plans to release the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI in December for their 25th anniversary.

This news does look promising due to the fact that Rockstar Games’ anniversary is coming close and there might be a reveal for the highly anticipated GTA VI. It is also possible that Rockstar might reveal their trailer at TheGameAwards event because it is the biggest gaming event that also takes place in the month of December every year to announce new releases along with the best game of the year.

If this report is unlike past news in the previous months on GTA VI and Rockstar does announce GTA VI officially, then it will be ground-breaking news in itself.

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