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Grand Theft Auto VI First Reveal Breaks Three Official World Records



Grand Theft Auto VI Breaks Three World Records

Grand Theft Auto VI’s first trailer is the most viral event that happened in the very first week of December. This most anticipated sequel of the Grand Theft Auto series trailer surprised the internet by revealing the trailer early due to a leak and even then, it accomplished three spots on the official World Records. These three World Records for the Grand Theft Auto VI were recently announced on X on Guinness World Records’ official Twitter account.

All the records that Grand Theft Auto VI’s first trailer broke and became their holder are the following.

  • Most viewed videogame reveal on YouTube in 24 hours with 90,421,491 views.
  • Most liked videogame trailer on YouTube with 8.9 Million Likes in 24 hours.
  • Most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours (non-music).

The previous World Record holder for most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours (non-music) was Mr. Beast with 59.4 Million Views. This record was broken within 16 hours of the release of the trailer and Mr. Beast tweeted out the screenshot of the views of the trailer at that moment standing at 70 Million views.

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