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Rumor: Nintendo will release a new model of switch in mid-2020



Rumor: Nintendo will release a new model of switch

Nintendo was included among the names of the best publishers of 2019 by Edge Magazine. Nintendo’s powerful game console has become one of the best game consoles. Nintendo switch is being launched around the world. Today, digitimes publishes that Nintendo is going to release a new model of switch. According to this website, Nintendo is reportedly planning to release a new model of Nintendo Switch hardware in mid-2020, which will begin production at the end of the first-quarter of 2020.  It is also reported to have a magnesium alloy body as opposed to plastic, and has a better CPU than the current model.

This does not seem so far-fetched, considering that at the end of the year the competition companies will present their next-generation consoles , however, as always, we have to take it as one more rumor and wait for an official confirmation from the company.

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