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Scorn: Where to Get the Arm Key in Act 2



Scorn: Where to Get the Arm Key in Act 2

As people are searching for the white seeds for the Ring Key, they’ll be needing to clear a tunnel that can only be done by accessing a console that can only be used with the Arm Key. After Act 1, your character lost his Arm Key and you’ll need to find the mechanism again that’ll attach the key to your character’s arm.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Arm Key in the second act of Scorn.

Getting the Arm Key

The console that players need to use with the Arm Key is through the left tunnel which you’ll connect to go through. It is also where you’ll find the second White Seed and the Arm Key’s Console is directly opposite to the White Seed’s Console. Now, in order to get the Arm Key, you need to go through the area in which three fans are spinning. You’ll need to connect the tunnel to the right tunnel and when you go forward in the tunnel, you’ll see the fans spinning in front of you. You’ll have to stop the fans from the back side of them and then cross the fans.

Once you’ve crossed the fans, go inside the tunnel on the left and you’ll reach a staircase. Go up the stairs and there’ll be also a console through which you can get the white seed. If you have already collected it then go to the right side of the console towards the elevator. If you haven’t obtained it then obtain it and then go towards the elevator on the right side. GO down the elevator and as you walk out of the elevator, there’ll be the pipe mechanism on your right that will attach the key to your Arm.

Scorn: Where to Get the Arm Key in Act 2

Interact with the pipe to get the Arm key and then open the door in the front to get to the Giant Flower room. Now, you’ll be able to go back to the console and use the Arm key to unlock a new tunnel from where you can get the last White Seed.

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