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Scorn: Act 4 – Walkthrough



Scorn: Act 4 – Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the fourth act of Scorn.

Act 4

Act 4 will start when you come out of the elevator that you took at the end of the third act. Keep going on the path and the path will split in two. The path on the left side will have multiple creatures and if you have enough bullets to take them out then you can otherwise, just go to the right side and you’ll get to fight only 1 creature. Kill the creature and go ahead. You’ll see a giant beast on a bit to left in the open. Go up the ramp on the right side and use the console. By using the console, you’ll explode one of the sacks of the beasts and a path will be opened to get inside the beast.

The beast will not like this and give you a look with his eyes. As you go down the ramp, few creatures will emerge. Kill them and go to the right towards the bone bridge. The Bone bridge will take you inside the beast. Keep following the path and you’ll come to a switch in front. Use the switch to raise the Maze Puzzle Piece. The main objective of this act is that you want to raise all the pieces of the maze puzzle to the Torso of the Giant Beast. All of the Pieces are inside the body of the Beast.

Once you’ve raised the first puzzle piece, turn around and you need to go to the path on the left side. Follow the path until you reach a place with multiple paths. From here, go left and up the ramp. Use the healing machine to get the heals on your crab and directly behind you, there’ll be a console. Use the console to break open another sack of the beast. The beast will give you the look again but worry not, he can’t attack you. Now, go back and you need to go on the path which is going down.

Go straight on the path and go down. You’ll see the maze puzzle location. Before you get to solve it, you need to get all of its pieces. Go to the room behind the puzzle piece and go ahead. You’ll see another weapon station in front when you enter the room and from this weapon station, you’ll get a Shotgun. On the left of the station, there’ll be an ammunition station from where you’ll get the bullets of your pistol as well as the new shotgun.

Come out of the room and go to the left side. You’ll run into a charger creature here but worry not just kill him with your new shotgun, it’ll only take two hits to kill the creature. Go ahead and you’ll reach an elevator. Go up from the elevator and kill the crawling creatures. Go right and follow the path until you reach a door that has four stars on it. You’ll get to kill another charger creature and a couple of crawling creatures as well. Go to the right side of the door and you’ll need to go up the ramp. There’ll be an upgrade station for your Door-Opening Tool. Upgrade the tool to four lights and then go back down and open the door.

Go through the path and you’ll have to kill a few creatures on the way and you’ll come out from the left side of the area with multiple paths. Now, go back down again and open the gate on the left side of the room in which you found the shotgun. Go ahead and use the lift to go up. Kill a solo crawling creature and go behind. Use the healing station to get the heals and go forward to another elevator. Go up from the elevator and go ahead. You’ll find another console on this floor. Use the console to make another path inside the beast. The beast will give you another look with his eyes. Use the ammunition station ahead to refill all the ammo for your guns and take out the creatures that come.

Go back down from the elevator and just after the healing machine, a new path will be opened on the right side. You’ll have to kill multiple crawling creatures and a couple of charger creatures here. Go through the bridge and lift the Second Maze Puzzle Piece. Come back out and use the pillar in front of the elevator to slide the door. Follow through the path to reach the main area of the place. Stay on the lower level and go to the left side and you’ll come up on a door with four lights. Unlock the door and as you get through the door, a path will be unlocked on the right side. Go through there and raise the final Piece of the Maze Puzzle.

After that, go back to the main area and down to the Rotating Maze Puzzle to solve it. The maze of the puzzle is very simple and you just have to guide the white ball to the orange spot. When you get blocked, you just have to rotate the maze and start moving the white ball again. The white ball will not reset when you rotate the maze, it stays in the same exact spot where it was blocked. You just have to rotate the maze every time you get blocked and then start moving the ball again. It wouldn’t take a long time to complete this puzzle.

Once the puzzle is solved, you’ll begin to ascend and after a few moments, the beast will die. Go up the ramp and keep following the path until you reach a transport that looks like a train. Go inside the train and use the console to move the train. Soon, you’ll reach a place that looks like a Kingdom and the fourth act of Scorn will end.

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