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UNDECEMBER: How to Get Gemstones of Merit



UNDECEMBER: How to Get Gemstones of Merit

There are different currencies in UNDECEMEBR that are used to buy resources from different vendors. Not all Vendors accept gold, some vendors trade with Gemstones of Courage, and some with Gemstones of Merit.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Gemstones of Merit in UNDECEMBER.

Getting Gemstones of Merit

Gemstones of Merit is not the premium currency in the game but it is definitely the rarest because it can only be earned by placing yourself high in the servers of the game. The Gemstones of Merit are the green Gems that are used to buy various Essences. Essences are used for crafting and upgrading your Weapons, Gears, and Runes. Gemstones of Merit are earned from in-game content. The in-game content that will provide you the Gemstones of Merit is by placing your rank high in different ranking contents like the following.

  • EXP Ranking
  • Training Area
  • Spire of Barrier
  • Void Rift Ranking
  • (Challenge) Episode
  • (Challenge) EXP Ranking

The players up to 1000+ ranking will get a number of Gemstones of Merit. The no. 1 rank will get the highest number of Gemstones, then 10+ players, then 100+ players, and then 1000+ players. To climb up on the ranking, you have to play the game more and earn EXP to boost your Rank in the charts.

UNDECEMBER: How to Get Gemstones of Merit
UNDECEMBER: How to Get Gemstones of Merit

To check your rank in the charts, go to the Recruitment board and select Ranking. The complete chart will open along with all the categories shown on the left side. You can see your rank in each category and also see the rewards of each category by pressing the chest button in the categories.

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