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UNDECEMBER: How to Increase Movement Speed



UNDECEMBER: How to Increase Movement Speed

Players will be getting into hundreds of encounters with the monsters and the next thing that they need with their gear and build is movement speed. The movement speed of the character will allow players to move swiftly in battle and dodge the attacks of the enemies more quickly.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can increase the Movement Speed of your Character in UNDECEMBER.

UNDECEMBER: How to Increase Movement Speed

Increasing Movement Speed

The only way that players can increase their overall stats in the game is by equipping the Runes and Runes cannot be equipped on the gear if the gear is not registered. For the complete gear, players must include the Shoes because shoes are one of the most important gear pieces that you need in the fights because it is what makes your character moves faster. If you don’t have the shoes then go to the Gear Vendor and buy shoes with the gold to equip them and see the difference in your speed.

You can also upgrade the shoes in the Gear Enchantments. Go to the Blacksmith and select Enchant. All of your equipped gear will start showing on the right side of the screen and you need to select the Shoes. When you put the shoes for enchantment, the materials that are required for the shoes to enchant will light up and then you can upgrade the Shoes. You can change the Shoe grading and other options with the crafting materials.

Other than that, you can also equip the Skill Runes that increase the Dodge Rate and it’ll also be applied if you have equipped the shoes. The higher the level of Rune the more dodge rate you’ll get and you can easily dodge the attacks of the enemies.

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