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UNDECEMBER: Gold Farming Guide



UNDECEMBER: Gold Farming Guide

UNDECEMBER is a hack and slashes Action RPG in which players take down the monsters and level their character up. For leveling up, they’ll be needing to buy the new gear which requires a hefty amount of gold to buy. Gold is used to buy Gear items, potions, etc. from the vendors.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to farm gold in UNDECEMBER.

Farming Gold

Gold can only be gotten by completing the quests and completing the map to 100% which take a lot of time to get but it would run out quickly as well because the equipment is expensive as well. In order to get a decent amount of gold, you need to play with other people at your party and queue up for Spire of Barrier. The Spire of Barrier is a wave challenge in which you have to defend against the monster waves.

There are four difficulties for the Spire of Barrier and each difficulty rewards you with a different amount of gold. If you play on Easy difficulty, you’ll have to clear 20 waves of monsters and you’ll get 18,000 Gold and 125 Gemstones. The Medium difficulty will reward you with 46,000 Gold and 250 Gemstones in total. The Hard Difficulty will reward you with 160,000 Gold and 500 Gemstones. The last difficulty is the Chaos difficulty, you’ll get 480,000 Gold with 3,000 Gemstones in total but you’ll have to survive 70 waves of monsters.

It is best for you to squad up with the players that regularly play the spire of barrier challenge as this challenge can be done on daily basis. You can compete in this challenge every day and get rewards according to your survival of waves in the difficulty you’ve chosen.

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