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UNDECEMBER: Character Creation



UNDECEMBER: Character Creation

UNDECEMBER is an Action RPG game in which players get to enhance their skill levels as they are challenged with high-level monsters and bosses. As this game is multiplayer and the game allows players to play the character the way they like, it also allows players to create their characters at the start of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to create your own character in UNDECEMBER.

Character Creation

Pressing the Play Button will let you play the tutorial of the game and at the end of the tutorial, you’ll see a New Character option and a Start option on the bottom right. You can either create your own character or play with the default character. Selecting the New Character option will take you to a Character Creation menu in which you can select your Character’s Gender, change your Skin Tone, Select Hair Type, and change your Hair color.

After selecting the Gender, you’ll be to choose the Face Type from the given options. After that, select the Skin Tone of your Character and then go to the Hair menu by clicking on the hair button on the left side of the screen. From this menu, you’ll be able to change the Hair Type and Hair Color of the character. After making your character, go out from the appearance and click on the Create option. Then you’ll be given an option to name the character. You can name your character from 2 letters to 12 letters and you cannot use special letters or empty spaces in the name. If you’ve named a character that is already taken then you’ll have to change the name and make it unique. After naming the character properly, you’ll be able to play with your character.

You can also create up to 3 characters in the game by default under 1 account. If you want to make more characters then you can buy the slots with premium currency named Diamond. Creating more characters will let you share items within the game.

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