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UNDECEMBER: How to Change Rune Grade



UNDECEMBER: How to Change Rune Grade

Making high-tier gear is very important in UNDECEMBER because it’ll let you kill the monsters and enemies quicker as you progress further in the game. The most important items for the gear and the build are your Runes because Runes are the ones that’ll give your build and weapons further powers.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can change the Rune Grade in UNDECEMBER.

Changing Rune Grade

Runes are of different types and you can upgrade or change the grade of all the Runes with the required materials. The Skill Runes are used according to the build type that you are currently using and the Link Runes are used to link the Skill Runes in the Rune Tree for further advantages. For upgrading the Rune Grade to Rare, you’ll be needing the following Materials.

  • Magic Upgrade Essence
  • Rare Upgrade Essence

Both of these materials can be earned by completing different quests or clearing out the map or defeating the bosses. You can also buy these materials from the Ore Shop but for these materials, you’ll be needing the Gemstones of Merit that can only be obtained from placing yourself in the higher ranks. Magic Upgrade Essence costs 150 Gemstones of Merit and Rare Upgrade Essence costs 800 Gemstones of Merit.

To upgrade the Rune, go to the Rune NPC in the town and select Rune Enchant. Select the Rune in your Rune tree that you want to change the grade of. If you want to upgrade the Link Rune then select the Link Rune and click on Register. The Magic Upgrade Essence will highlight on the left side and you can click on the Enchant button to change the grade to Magic. If you have the Rare Material as well then it will start to highlight and if you click the Enchant button again, the grade will change to Rare.

You can also change it to the Legendary as well which will require a Legendary Upgrade Essence that can also be bought from the Ore Shop.

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