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UNDECEMBER: Spire of Barrier



UNDECEMBER: Spire of Barrier

The UNDECEMEBR is an Action RPG game and players can join with other players to defeat the monsters and bosses. In UNDECEMBER, you can also party up with other players and start a challenge name Spire of Barrier in which you’ll have to survive the waves of monsters.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how Spire of Barrier works in UNDECEMBER.

Spire of Barrier

The Spire of Barrier is a challenge in which you can compete with other random players. It’s a challenge of defense in which you have to defeat the waves of monsters charging toward you. This challenge can only be accepted by Recruitment Board in the town and you can join in with up to 4 players. This challenge can be done every day and you can earn rewards by clearing out the waves of monsters. If you’ve just started playing the game then you’d not be able to play it because it requires at least Level 20. The Spire of Barrier has 4 different difficulties, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Chaos. Once you’ve selected the difficulty, you cannot change the difficulty and you’ll have to survive in the challenge until it is finished or you die.

This challenge only ends when the Veil of Terror reaches the Abyssal Stone. You’ll have to survive the waves by killing the monster and you’ll also get damage from Veil of Terror so make sure you have a proper build for completing this challenge. The waves are dependent on which difficulty you’ve chosen. There are 20 waves in Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties but if you want to test your skill to the extreme then you can choose the Chaos difficulty because it has 70 Waves in total.

The Monster waves will come toward the Abyssal Stone and as you start killing the monsters, you’ll see some orbs on the ground and you can pick them up after every wave. You’ll have a short period of time after a wave is completed and you’ll get to pick up the orbs. There are three different types of Orbs that have different effects. The colors of the orbs are Red, Green, and Blue. You can pick up the same orb every time to stack up the effects up to 6 levels that’ll help you in clearing the waves quicker.


You’ll get the amount of Gold for clearing out the number of waves. All of the players in the party will get a number of gold according to their survival in a number of waves. If you die in an early wave, you’ll get less gold and if the players in the party survive for longer, they’ll get more gold.

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