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Scorn: How to Solve the Egg Puzzle



Scorn: How to Solve the Egg Puzzle

Scorn is a Horror Survival game with puzzles and combat. The very first puzzle that you’ll get to solve in Scorn is an Egg Puzzle.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the Egg Puzzle in Scorn.

Solving Egg Puzzle

To solve the egg puzzle, you need to select the Chosen Egg with the Hoist and when you have the correct egg, the Hoist will pick up the egg and take it down to the main hall. It looks very easy but as there are many eggs on the left side, you’ll have to move the right one to the left side and then select it with a hoist to check if it is the right egg or not.

There are two consoles used for this puzzle, the console on the right side will reveal the Hoist that will grab the egg from a specific spot and you can interact with it later to check if you have moved the right egg on the spot or not. The console on the left side is used to move the eggs attached to a mechanism. Some eggs are attached to each other and some are separate so you can move these eggs according to the mechanism and make way for the egg you think is correct.

Solving Egg Puzzle

If you look closely at all the eggs, you’ll notice that only two eggs on the bottom right are marked. One of these two eggs is the correct one so what you want to do is start clearing out the way for them and you need to put the egg that is on the right bottom with a mark on the spot. You’ll also have to break a couple of eggs with the claw to make way for the chosen egg. Once you’ve placed the marked egg on the white spot, use the right console to grab the egg with the hoist and bring the egg down to the Main Hall.

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