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Scorn: Where to Find the Shotgun



Scorn: Where to Find the Shotgun

In Act 4 of Scorn, players will see a giant horrifying beast and the beast will not like the things that players will do to him. As the beast cannot attack but he’ll send other creatures on you. Players will engage with multiple creatures at a time which can be really hard because bullets run out really quickly and the bolt gun is not that powerful. Players can also find a shotgun in Act 4 to take out the creatures more easily.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Shotgun in Act 4 of Scorn.

Finding the Shotgun

In order to get the Shotgun, you’ll need to use the console that can be found by going in the right direction at the start of the fourth act. By using the console, you’ll make a path that leads into the beast. Go inside the beast and when you get to the switch by the maze puzzle piece, turn right and keep following that path until you reach an area with multiple paths. Go straight from there and then downstairs. You’ll find another maze puzzle piece.

Go inside the room behind the puzzle piece and you’ll see a weapon station in front when you enter the room and from this weapon station, you’ll get a Shotgun. On the left of the station, there’ll be an ammunition station from where you’ll get the bullets of your pistol as well as the new shotgun. The shotgun will hold three bullets and it can kill the crawling creatures with one shot and the charger creature with two shots. The shotgun will help you kill the creatures more quickly.

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