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Scorn: Where to Find the Pistol



Scorn: Where to Find the Pistol

The third act of Scorn is the first act where players get to be engaged in combat with other creatures and players can find another weapon as well. You can find a pistol in the third act which does more damage than the short-range weapon that you found in the first act.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Pistol in Scorn.

Finding the Pistol

In order to get the Pistol, you’ll need to go to the other side by using the sphere and when the second sphere falls, you’ll have to look for a replacement sphere. You’ll need to go to the left side from the crossroads towards the tunnels and then head down. From here, you’ll be freeing the Sphere. Once you’ve used both of the consoles and the sphere is moved to another location. Go to the right side and follow the path and then go left. You’ll see a console with three slots and one of them slots has already a switch inside but the other two slots are missing the switches. Interact with the console to push the first switch and a metal rod will get to the side then you need to go to the sphere and go to the other side.

Go to the room on the left and there’ll be a pillar on the left side and on the right side. The Left pillar will grant you a Pistol weapon and the right Pillar will give you the pistol’s bullets that can be stored on your crab. A pistol will make a lot of things easier for you to take out the enemies. You can kill the creatures with two bullets.

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