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Scorn: Where to Free the Sphere



Scorn: Where to Free the Sphere

The third act of Scorn is more deadly as players will get to encounter different enemy creatures that throw acid. As players open the path to the Sphere area, they’ll get to know that the second Sphere is broken and it’ll fall down. They’ll need to find another Sphere.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can find the replacement Sphere and how you can free it in Scorn.

Finding the Sphere Location

Once you’ve gone to the second Sphere location by using the console. When you use the second console, the second Sphere will fall down and you’ll need to find the replacement Sphere. Go to the left side and there’ll be a path going down. Go down and you’ll get to encounter a creature. After killing him, go to the right side and keep following the path and stick to the right side. You’ll reach the crossroads. Go to the left side towards the tunnels and you have to go down. Keep following the path and you’ll reach an area with Spheres.

Scorn: Where to Free the Sphere

Freeing the Sphere

You’ll go through a Sphere and you need to stick to the right side and follow the path. Soon you’ll reach a console that’ll free a Sphere from the depths. Use the console to free the Sphere and then you need to go to the right side and keep following the path. You’ll be going up and soon you’ll reach another console that’ll further free the Sphere and the Sphere will go to another location.

Freeing the Sphere

Go to the right side and follow the path and you’ll see a different console with three slots. One item is already in the slot and you’ll have to find the other two items for the slots that can only be gotten by solving both of the light Nodes Puzzles. Then you’ll have to come back with the items and insert them in the slots to move the Sphere.

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