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Silent Hill: The Short Message – How to Unlock Anita’s Locker



Silent Hill: The Short Message - Anita's Locker Code

Silent Hill: The Short Message is a psychological horror game that will put you in the shoes of a teenage girl named Anita who is visiting her friend Maya, a famous Graffiti Artist. As you progress through the story, you will come to find that Maya has been dead this whole time and you have been put in some kind of Witch’s Curse.

Maya is telling Anita to find something that might be inside her school’s locker. Almost halfway through the game’s story, players will reach the locker area where they will be able to find Anita’s Locker. Upon finding the locker, players will find that the locker needs a four-digit combination code that is unknown.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Anita’s Locker in Silent Hille: The Short Message.

How to Unlock Anita’s Locker in Silent Hill: The Short Message

Unlocking Anita’s Locker is compulsory for progressing in the main story but the combination code for the locker is unknown. For the players who are struggling with that part and haven’t found the code, the Code to Anita’s Locker is ‘0-3-1-2’. Entering this code will unlock the locker and allow players to progress ahead with the story.

However, for the players who want to know how to actually figure out the code, keep on reading this guide. To find the code for Anita’s locker, you need to first look at the desk in the middle of the hallway. The desk will have the word ‘LIAR’ written on it each letter with a different color. If you focus and look around the hallway, you will see digits written around the hallway in the same color pattern as the word. The color arrangement of the word LIAR represents the code for the locker.

You will find digit ‘0’ written with black color on top of the door from which you entered the hallway, digit ‘3’ written with red color on the ceiling, digit ‘1’ written with yellow color beside the door on the right, digit ‘2’ written with blue color at the end of the hallway near the Exit door. Merging the colors and the digits will give you the following combination for the code.

  • L – Black – 0
  • I – Red – 3
  • A – Yellow – 1
  • R – Blue – 2

Enter the ‘0312’ combination as a code to unlock Anita’s locker to find the letter that Maya had written to Amelie and continue with the story.

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