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Silent Hill: The Short Message – Complete Walkthrough



Silent Hill: The Short Message - Complete Walkthrough

Diving into a psychological horror story of a girl named Anita who came to a building named Villa to meet her friend Maya. Maya is famous for her Graffiti art and Anita was always inspired by her despite how much hate she gets from her mother. However, finding Maya in the building and learning the truth about her and Anita will take you through several flashbacks while a mysterious monster hunts you down.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the complete game, Silent Hill: The Short Message.

Silent Hill: The Short Message Full Walkthrough

Find Maya

Go out of the room and make your way out of the apartment. Turn right to enter the hallway and go inside the first room on the right side. Make your way to the back room to find graffiti art on the wall and inspect it to start a cutscene. After the cutscene, leave the apartment and you will get a text message from Amelie, Anita’s friend. Chat with Amelie by pressing the ‘Reply’ prompted key and after that close the chat to continue.

Go straight down the hallway and into the opened door to enter an apartment full of Sticky Notes. A brief cutscene will play out and then go through the rooms of the apartment to enter the washroom. Interact with the blade on the sink to start another brief cutscene. After the cutscene, go out of the washroom and chat with Amelie to continue. Make your way to the apartment door and interact with it to get the first Monster-Chase sequence.

Go through the hole in the wall on the right and continue ahead along the path to reach the first door. Open it and run ahead to enter a room on the left side to complete the sequence. After surviving the first sequence, Maya will text you and tell you that she is inthe Studio. Reply to her and then enter the open room to find another graffiti art. Inspect it to start another cutscene.

Go to the Studio

After the cutscene, go out of the apartment and follow along the hallway. You can also go to the balcony on the right side to view the ‘Famous Suicide Spot’ for lore. As you follow along the hallway, Amelie will text you again. Chat with Amelie to view another brief cutscene and then follow along the hallway to find the studio on the right side with ‘C.B.’ written on the door.

Enter the studio and interact with Maya’s Sketchbook. Go through the sketches and text Maya. Look on the back wall to inspect the revealed graffiti of a girl with an unfinished face. A cutscene will start which shows that Anita is struggling with her followers as she has fewer followers than Maya. Amelie calls Anita to apologize for her rude behavior which reveals the death of Maya.

Escape the Monster (Second Chase Sequence)

Go through the cutscene and as you interact with Maya’s Studio door, the second monster chase sequence will start. Go to the left run along the hallway and then enter the room on the left side. Stick to the left side and keep running until you find the monster right around the corner. Quickly turn back and then go straight to find an opening on the left which will get you past the monster and then exit through the door.  Make your way to the staircase leading to the roof to complete the second monster chase sequence.

Find It?

A cutscene will start in which Anita commits suicide from the same place as Maya but she wakes up back in the same room from where the game begins. As she wakes up, Maya texts her ‘you find it?’ and continues with the ‘cant leave til you find it’ text. Leave the room and go outside of the apartment. Anita’s phone will run out of battery and you will have to continue with no flashlight. Focus on the ‘It’s All Your Fault’ message on the wall and enter the room on the right.

Go to the back room and interact with the flashlight to see Maya’s Graffiti Art ruined. Now, leave the apartment and enter the room on the left side. The phone’s flashlight will turn on again and you will get to inspect another ruined graffiti art. The room will get filled up with mannequins and you need to go to the balcony to reach the other side. As you reach the same area as before, Amelie will text you the same message. Reply to her to watch another cutscene of Maya.

Continue down the hallway and enter the room on the left. Inspect the University Orientation brochure in the washroom and you will get a text from Amelie. Chat with Amelie and then explore the rest of the apartment. Leave the apartment and continue down the hallway to see an opening to a School Hallway. Go ahead and walk into the school hallway and interact with the Exit door.

All the students will start chanting bad words at Anita or so in this case Maya. As you reach the desk in the middle, interact with Maya’s locker and the students will try to lock May A cutscene will start in which Anita commits suicide from the same place as Maya but she wakes up in a room. Walk along the hallway surrounded by students chanting bad words to escape them. Interact with the door in front to start the third chase sequence.

Go straight and unlock the door with ‘Don’t Run’ written on it. Continue ahead and then open the door on the right. Keep running along the path and go through the door to eventually reach Maya’s Office and end the chase sequence. As the chase scene ends, Maya will text you ‘find it’ again. Reply to her and then inspect graffiti art on the wall to see that the unfinished face of a girl is Amelie. Now, interact with Maya’s sketchbook and turn the pages to find sketches of Amelie.

Watch the cutscene and then leave the studio to walk into the Library. Another Maya’s cutscene will start and after the cutscene, you need to find the book. You will find two books regarding Witch’s Curse, one on the table and one on the first shelf on the right. If you go to the left backside corner of the library, you will find a space for the book that is missing.

Now, go out of the library and walk along a tight hallway to get another Maya’s cutscene. After the cutscene, chat with Amelie and then walk through the door in front to reach the high school hallway. Walk along the lockers on the left side and as you cross past the desk in the middle, you will find the missing book in Amelie’s locker. Upon finding the book, Anita will have a vision of a note in her locker.

Anita’s locker is beside the desk in the middle but it will be locked. To find the code for Anita’s locker, you need to first look at the desk in the middle of the hallway. The desk will have word ‘LIAR’ written on it each letter with a different color. If you focus and look around the hallway, you will see digits written around the hallway in the same color pattern as the word. The color arrangement of word LIAR represents the code for the locker.

You will find digit ‘0’ written with black color on top of the door from which you entered the hallway, digit ‘3’ written with red color on the ceiling, digit ‘1’ written with yellow color beside the door on the right, digit ‘2’ written with blue color at the end of the hallway near Exit door. Merging the colors and the digits will give you the following combination for the code.

  • L – Black – 0
  • I – Red – 3
  • A – Yellow – 1
  • R – Blue – 2

Enter the ‘0312’ combination as a code to unlock Anita’s locker to find the letter that Maya had written to Amelie. Read the letter and then watch the cutscene to find out that Anita was trying to prevent Maya from talking to Amelie.

Now, make your way to the entrance of the hallway and interact with the door to start the fourth monster chase sequence. Run along the path and as you come across the closed door, it will open itself with a monster waiting on the other side, turn around and go through the door on the right side. Now, keep running along the path and stick to the left side until you have reached an area with lockers.

As you open the door, the monster will be waiting again on the other side. Turn around and run along a circle in the lockers area to get past the monster and then exit through the same door to come across the staircase leading to the roof. Reaching the roof will complete the chase sequence and the cutscene will start in which Anita will call Amelie to tell her that she is the reason why Maya took her own life and then jump off the Villa to commit suicide.

Even after finding the letter, Anita wakes up again but this time the state of the Villa building will be different. All the walls of the building will be covered in sticky notes and you have to go along the hallways to reach an apartment where Anita and her mother used to live. Explore the apartment and inspect all the possible items to keep moving ahead. Eventually, you will find news in which a mother has taken the life of his son which will trigger a brief cutscene.

After the cutscene, go out of the apartment to start the final monster chase scene. This chase sequence can be tricky to complete as you will have to find five different items including drawings and letters before you can go out. As the sequence starts, go along the path and open the first door to start finding the items. There are several doors around the area and you need to search every one of them to see if there is any light. Every item will be under the light so look for light as you run around and escape the monster around the area.

Once you have found all the items, most of the area will close down and will allow you to run through the door that will eventually lead to Maya’s Studio. Inspect the news to find out that Maya has been dead for over half a year and Anita has been here all this time. Inspect the sketchbook to find the sketch of Anita that Maya has sketched.

Now, go out of the studio to see several items in which Anita was noticed and appreciated by her friends. Inspect every item and make your way up to the roof.

The final cutscene will play out lifting the Witch’s Curse from Anita and that concludes our complete walkthrough of Silent Hill: The Short Message.

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