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Palia: How to Get More Lucky Envelopes



Palia - Lucky Envelopes

The Maji Market has returned for players to celebrate the Luna New Year Event with all the Palians and other players. It is a special time for all of the Palian residents which will allow players to bond with all the villagers and take part in various traditions and festivities. All the stalls of various villagers will offer several exclusive event items and cooking recipes that are only sold for Lucky Envelopes.

Lucky Envelopes is the new exclusive currency for the Luna New Year Event that players will get to earn through various festivities and games across the Maji Market area.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get more Lucky Envelopes in Palia.

How to Get More Lucky Envelopes in Palia

There are several ways to earn Lucky Envelopes for the event but before we discuss the best methods for it, players must know the in-game timings of the event because it is only when all the festivities are available which will help players earn Lucky Envelopes. Luna New Year Event is a time-limited event that will last until 27 February 2024. All the festivities and games of the Luna New Year Event start at 6 PM and last till 3 AM (in-game time) daily.

Now, that you know when you can participate in the festivities and games of the event, the best festivities to partake in are the following.

Chapaa Chase Minigame is back and it starts at 12 AM (in-game time) daily. Catching Chapaas and returning them to the Pen will reward players with Lucky Envelopes at the end of the minigame time (5 minutes). The more Chapaas players catch in under five minutes, the more Lucky Envelopes they will get.

Hotpot Minigame is a new game introduced with Luna New Year Event and it offers a bunch of Lucky Envelopes just by playing the game. However, winning the Hotpot Card game can easily net you hundreds of Lucky Envelopes. To farm Lucky Envelopes, participate in Hotpot Minigame again and again to keep earning Lucky Envelopes regardless of the outcome.

Completing the Event-related quests will also reward you with hundreds of Lucky Envelopes for each quest. There are three main quests that players can complete during the Luna New Year event.

With the new event, there are new Stamp Cards to be earned by completing several accomplishments. You can view the accomplishments under the Event Tab and several accomplishments are rewarded with Lucky Envelopes.

Another way to get extra Lucky Envelopes is by spinning Zeki’s Prize Wheel by using Prize Wheel Coin. However, the Prize Wheel Coin is only gained by spending 2,000 Lucky Envelopes at Zeki’s shop at the event.

Last but not least, you can also earn a couple hundred Lucky Envelopes by making a wish with Luck Ribbon (Blue Dye) at the Wish Tree. Keep in mind that you can only make a wish once per real-life day.

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