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Palia: New Year, New Wishes Event Quest Walkthrough



Palia - New Year, New Wishes

A Luna New Year Event is taking place at the Maji Market and the Palian residents invite everyone to participate in the festivities and traditions of their event. Not only players will get to meet with various villagers and participate in games and festivities but also get to complete a series of exclusive event quests. The first event quest that players will get to complete is New Year, New Wishes which will highlight the customs and traditions of the Luna New Year Event.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the New Year, New Wishes Quest in Palia.

New Year, New Wishes Event Quest Walkthrough

The quest is started by speaking to Kenli at Kilima Fairgrounds or the Maji Market area. It is located on the southeast side of the Kilima Valley map zone and as players reach the event area, they will be able to find Kenli. After speaking with Kenli, players will be rewarded with 100 Lucky Envelopes and get the objective to find and speak with Chayne on the fairgrounds

Speak with Chayne to learn about the traditions of the Luna New Year event and he will also reward players with 100 Lucky Envelopes at the end of the conversation. Now, find Zeki in the area and speak with him to get a Prize Wheel Coin. Make your way to the Prize Wheel located beside Zeki’s Lucky Catch Shop and interact with it to spin the wheel.

Upon winning your first prize, go back to Zeki and talk to him. Lastly, after talking to Zeki, return to Chayne and talk to him to conclude the first event quest.


Completing New Year, New Wishes will reward players with the following items.

  • 300 Lucky Envelopes
  • 15 Renown

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