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Palia: How to Play & Win the Hotpot Minigame



Palia - Play and Win Hotpot Minigame

The Maji Market has returned for players to celebrate the Luna New Year Event with all the Palians and other players. It is a special time for all of the Palian residents which will allow players to bond with all the villagers and take part in various traditions and festivities. During this limited-time event, players will be able to participate in a new minigame named Hotpot and compete against other players to win Lucky Envelopes.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to play and win the Hotpot Minigame in Palia.

How to Play and Win the Hotpot Minigame in Palia

All the festivities and games of the Luna New Year Event will start at 6 PM and last till 3 AM (in-game time) daily including the Hotpot Minigame. The Hotpot Minigame is located all over the docks by the waterfront in the Maji Market area. As the name suggests, these are the big Hotpot Tables with four sides allowing up to four players to participate in the game at a time.

Players can interact with the Hotpot Table to participate in the game and the game will start after 90 seconds regardless of the number of players. It does not matter if there aren’t four players on the table, the game will start even with two players competing against each other.

The Hotpot Minigame is a Card game that requires players to create three sets of three tiles each which include an ingredient as well as a category determined by a certain color. Every player will get 8 tiles at the beginning of the game with each tile representing an ingredient with a category. The categories of the ingredients include Meat, Vegetables, Fish, etc. that players must collect and save to build a set of three identical ingredients or a category containing its respective three ingredients.

The basic objective of the game isn’t hard to figure out but it is important to learn the main rules of the game which will help you win most of the time.

  • The player with the first draw move will get 60 seconds and then each player will get 30 seconds for their turn for the rest of the game.
  • Focus on putting together a Three-of-a-Kind Set (three identical ingredients of the same category) as it is worth 120 Points whereas, the Category Set (three tiles of the same category but with different ingredients) is worth 60 Points.
  • The best way to put together the identical tiles is to see which three sets at your disposal are possible by looking both at the hand and on the deck. Draw the tile you need and discard the tile to make room for the set. Keep repeating the process until you have made the sets.
  • Once you have put together any three sets, you will get the ‘Let’s Eat’ option which will finish the game and earn you Lucky Envelopes in return based on the points.

If you didn’t manage to complete all three sets in time and someone else has made the sets, you will still get the Lucky Envelopes, meaning every player who participates in the game will earn some Lucky Envelopes guaranteed.

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