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Palia: How to Make a Wish at the Wish Tree



Palia - Make A Wish at the Wish Tree

The Maji Market has returned for players to celebrate the Luna New Year Event with all the Palians and other players. It is a special time for all of the Palian residents which will allow players to bond with all the villagers and take part in various traditions and festivities. During this limited-time event, players will be able to make a wish at the Wish tree covered in various colors of ribbons. Who knows might your wish be granted by Maji the following day?

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make a wish at the Wish Tree in Palia.

How to Make a Wish at the Wish Tree in Palia

All the festivities and games of the Luna New Year Event will start at 6 PM and last till 3 AM (in-game time) daily including the making a wish at the Wish Tree. The Wish Tree is located in the festive fairgrounds of Maji Market which is hard to miss due to its beautiful decoration with various colors of ribbons. It is tradition for the Palian residents to make new wishes at this new year event and players can follow them in their steps by making a wish for themselves.

However, unlike other festivities which start on every in-game evening, players can only make a wish at the Wish Tree once per real-life day. To make a wish at the Wish Tree, players will have to first dye a Wish Ribbon in a certain color at the Dye Station located next to the Wish Tree and then bring the Wish Ribbon to the Wish Tree. The Wish Ribbon is given to players on every real-life day login by Chayne in the Mailbox.

Collect the Wish Ribbon from the mail and then wait for the event time to start. Go to Maji Market and make your way to the Dye Station to select a color for your Wish Ribbon. There are three different colors from which players can choose a color for their Wish Ribbon and each color represents a different wish for the new year.

  • Blue Color: Luck (Grants Lucky Envelopes)
  • Pink Color: Longevity (Grants Renown)
  • Orange Color: Prosperity (Grants Gold)

After selecting the color for your desired Wish, go to the Wish Tree to see a special cutscene. Now, let the event end, and come back to Maji Market at any time of the day to see if your wish has been granted or not.

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