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Skull and Bones: How to Unlock and Equip Outfits



Skull and Bones - Unlock and Equip Outfits

Embarking on the vast seas of East Africa and Southeast Asia will require players to take leadership of various pirate ships and arm their fleets with weapons that will allow them to engage with various enemy factions. Boarding and sinking the enemy ships will reward the players with various materials and Silver which are essential for survival and progression. However, alongside the grind, keeping your character fresh with exquisite outfits also makes a great impact, especially if you are playing with your friends.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock and equip outfits in Skull and Bones.

How to Unlock and Equip Outfits in Skull and Bones

There are several Outfits in Skull and Bones that players will be able to unlock throughout the adventure. Each outfit set has a certain number of clothing items divided among headwear, torso, legwear, and shoes. Most of the Outfit Sets are purchasable from various vendors found across the regions whereas, some of the clothing items for the Outfit Sets are unlocked by completing contracts for NPCs.

One of the earliest vendors that players can find to purchase the Outfits is found inside a shop named ‘Vanity Atelier’ in the Saint-Anne outpost. The shop is located behind the statue of John Scurlock which is just south of the docking area. Once you have found the shop, enter it and interact with the lady to view the services. Here you will find the ‘Purchase & Equip Items’ option which will take you to Cosmetics and allow you to purchase clothing items from all available Outfit Sets and equip them.

Each clothing item will cost a certain amount of Silver or Gold depending on the Outfit Set. All the early-game Outfit Sets are mostly purchased by Silver but as you progress ahead and find other vendors who offer more exquisite Outfit Sets, they will sell it for Gold, a rare currency in Skull and Bones.

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