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Skull and Bones: How to Farm Silver



Skull and Bones: Farm Silver

Silver is the primary currency in Skull and Bones and it is required for almost every service that players can attain from various vendors scattered across the world map. From crafting weapons and tools for your ships to customizing your character with various pirate sets will all cost a certain amount of Silver.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to farm Silver in Skull and Bones.

How to Farm Silver in Skull and Bones

There are a few ways to get a load of Silver quickly in Skull and Bones and one of the best methods that you can pursue right from the start of the game to the end of beta is to keep sinking the ships of enemies. By enemies, I mean the ships of various factions not the ships of other players. You can fight with other players to sink their ship but it is not recommended until you have a high-level ship otherwise, you will lose your cargo every time you die by the hands of other players.

While setting sail to the seas, look for the enemy vessels and mark them using the spyglass to see what cargo they are holding. Use your weapons to attack the cargo to deplete the enemy’s vessel health quickly and sink it to get all the loot. As you sink every ship, you will get hundreds of Silver along with exquisite loot like rum and other raw materials which you can also choose to sell to vendors for extra Silver.

Another great method to farm silver is to loot the shipwrecks scattered around the world map. Looting the shipwreck will require a crowbar and some of the shipwrecks will require a higher level of crowbar so, make sure to upgrade the crowbar to loot all the shipwrecks. Open the map to find all the locations of the Shipwrecks.

There are several shipwrecks in the east region that you can loot fairly in the mid-game and not only that, the loot in those shipwrecks will respawn after a certain time. You can repeat the process of looting the shipwrecks to make thousands of Silver but be safe as other players might have the same idea.

Last but not least, another great way to earn Silver is to complete Contracts and Bounties given by various NPCs scattered around the world map. Talk to the NPCs to pursue these sub-quests for them to get a decent amount of Silver in return.

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