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Skull and Bones: How to Complete Relics of the Past Contract



Skull and Bones - Relics of the Past

Relics of the Past is an Infamy Rank 2 (Scoundrel) contract given by the ‘Sea People Merchant’ vendor who can be found at the Vorona Falls outpost. Players will most likely visit the Vorona Falls outpost during Scurlock’s contract ‘Brokered Ground’ and find the vendor. The contract will require players to find the Sea People’s lost Relic and return it to them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Relics of the past Contract in Skull and Bones.

How to Complete the Relics of the Past Contract

Upon accepting the ‘Relics of the Past Contract’ from Sea People Merchant over at the Vorona Falls outpost, players will get a treasure map named ‘Sea People Relic Clue’ which can viewed from the Ship’s cargo. Open the Cargo and find the Treasure Map to open it and view the location marked on the map.

To find the marked location for the Relic, players will have to set sail in the southwest direction from the Vorona Falls outpost. Go along the coast of the island and cross the Noise Be to reach the Tenina Coast. Continue in the west direction from the Tenina Coast and you will come across a couple of islands. Dock your ship at Fort Louis which will be on the second big island at Tenina Coast.

Upon docking your ship at Fort Louis, go to the small wreckage beside Fort’s wall on the left side and a ray of light will appear on the ground. Go to the appeared light and press the interaction key to dig out the Sea People’s Relic. Once you have the Relic in your possession, you need to deliver it back to Sea People at Palisade Bay.

The Palisade Bay is located just north of the Vorona Falls outpost from where you accepted the contract. Open the map to mark its location and set the sail to Palisade Bay. Once you have reached Palisade Bay, choose to ‘interact’ and select the Relics of the Past contract to deliver the Relic and complete the contract.

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