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Persona 3 Reload: Kenji Tomochika Social Link Guide



Persona 3 Reload - Kenji Tomochika Social Link

Building relationships with various characters in Persona 3 Reload will require you to unlock a Social Link with each character which involves a couple of prerequisites like finding the location of a character and reaching a certain level of a specific Social Stat. One of the Social Links that players will get to unlock and rank up in their playthrough is with Magician, represented by Kenji Tomochika.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to unlock Kenji Tomochika Social Link and how to rank it up.

How to Unlock Kenji Tomochika Social Link in Persona 3 Reload

Unlocking the Kenji Tomochika Social Link is one of the early Social Links in the game and it does not require any prerequisites. Players will unlock the Social Link with Kenji Tomochika (Magician) automatically while progressing in the main story.

Kenji Tomochika Social Link is started by talking to him on April 22. He can be found in the same classroom as the protagonist in Gekkoukan High School on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Kenji Tomochika Social Link Choices

Like any other Social Link in Persona 3 Reload, players can rank Kenji Tomochika Social Link up to Rank 10 by making correct choices at every meeting. You can find all the correct choices for each rank below.

Rank 1 to 2

Prompt 1: So, can you like, go into Yukari-san’s room and stuff?
Choice: That’s a secret.

Prompt 2: When it comes to women, I like them to be older than me. What about you?
I like them all.

Rank 2 to 3

Prompt 1: Tch! Dude, I’m so sick of this…
Choice: What, life?

Prompt 2: Well, Makoto, that settles it. I’m gonna get myself a girlfriend!
Choice: Good luck!

Rank 3 to 4

Prompt 1: Hey, thanks for coming, man. You mind waiting here for a sec?
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 2: I’m gonna go ask Ms. Kanou out! Like, right now!
Choice: Good luck.

Rank 4 to 5

Prompt 1: Yeah, good-looking people just flock together, y’know?. It’s like a law of attraction.

Rank 5 to 6

Prompt 1: Sorry, man. I’ve gotta pass this time.
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 2: I mean, getting into college is pretty important, don’t you think? You think about the future too, right?
Choice: I’ve got plans already.

Rank 6 to 7

Prompt 1: I can’t eat…
Choice: What happened.

Prompt 2: I saw a magazine in Emiri’s room. Guess what it was called.

Prompt 3: You think that’s a good plan?
Choice: Congrats!

Rank 7 to 8

Prompt 1: H-Hey, man. Sorry to make you come here. I, um… Ah, damn it…
Choice: Are you in trouble?

Prompt 2: And now she’s being transferred to a school in Kyushu. What do I do!?
Choice: You should go with her.

Rank 8 to 9

Prompt 1: I was so excited about going with her that I…I…
Choice: Let me handle this!

Rank 9 to 10

Prompt 1: What will you do?
Pick any choice.

Prompt 2: Man, hanging out with you is never boring! But, that being said, I want a girlfriend, dude.
Choice: Look disappointed.

Prompt 3: But, what I DO know is… you’re my friend.
Pick any choice.

Completing the Magician (Kenji Tomochika) Social Link will reward players with a Handmade Choker allowing them to fuse Futsunushi. Since Kenji Tomochika is not a romanceable character, players will not be able to gift him anything.

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