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Skull and Bones: How to Craft Canons and Ammunition



Skull and Bones - Canons and Ammunition

Sailing on the vast sea of East Africa and Southeast Asia will often let you run into ferocious pirates who will try to blow up your ship and loot any loot in your ship’s cargo. To save your precious materials and valuables along with your ship, you must craft Canons to both defend your ship and attack other ships to loot their cargo from the wreckage.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft canons and ammunition in Skull and Bones.

How to Craft Canons and Ammunition in Skull and Bones

The canons are one of the main weapons for your ship as well as your fleet and players will be able to craft them once they have built their first ship. A newly built ship will have no canons on it so, players will be asked to go to the Blacksmith located in front of the Shipwright in the Saint-Anne region. The Blacksmith offers the services of building various kinds of canons as well as providing you with cannonballs which are the ammunition for the canons.

To craft the canons, speak with the Blacksmith and select the ‘Craft new items’ option. Select the Culverin to craft it using 6x Bog Iron and a cost of 70 Silver. You can either craft it from the All Deck Weapons tab or the Top Deck tab. After crafting the canons, you need ammunition which can be crafted from the Ammunition tab using Metal Salvage.

Each Cannonball Crate has 100x cannonballs in it and will require 2x Metal Salvage to craft it. After getting the canons and ammunition for it, you will be ready to sail on the waters and engage with enemy vessels to sink them and loot their treasures.  

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