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Skull and Bones: How to Get Bog Iron



Skull and Bones - Bog Iron

Every successful and fearful pirate started somewhere at a mediocre line and it is no different in Skull and Bones. Before players get to become the ruler of the seas, they will have to acquire all essential weapons, equipment, and tools along with raw materials. One of the essential raw materials that players can get in Skull and Bones is Bog Iron which is required for crafting various items like weapons for ships.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Bog Iron in Skull and Bones.

How to Get Bog Iron in Skull and Bones

The Bog Iron is obtained by several methods in Skull and Bones but the original way to get it is by mining the iron nodes using the Pickaxe tool. Players can identify the Bog Iron nodes by simply opening up the map and hovering over the brown iron node icon. The icon for the Bog iron is a brown node which is pretty hard to miss and they can be found both in the south and west of the Saint-Anne region.

However, before you set sail to mine the nodes, you need to craft the Pickaxe tool at the Carpenter shop. Fortunately, at the start of the contract, you will get the blueprint for the Pickaxe along with other tools including a Saw and a Sickle. Make your way to the Carpenter and select the ‘Craft New Items’ option to craft the Pickaxe with the required materials and a cost of 20 silver.

After crafting the Pickaxe, go to your ship and set sail to any one of the Bog Iron locations. Upon reaching the location of ore nodes, you will get the prompt for ‘Harvest Bog iron’ once you are close enough. Press the F button to start the harvesting process which involves a minigame of mining the node.

A pictorial representation of Pickaxe will form among the nodes with Yellow and Green Bars. Press the LMB to start the minigame and press the LMB when the pickaxe reaches the yellow or green bar to collect Bog Iron. If you don’t press the LMB on time and the pickaxe goes ahead of all the yellow and green bars, you don’t harvest any Bog Iron, and missing the bars three times will end in failure requiring you to restart.

Focus on the pickaxe and try to press the LMB when the circle reaches green as it will grant you the best harvesting results but pressing the LMB on the yellow bar is also fine as it would still give you Bog Iron.

Apart from mining the Bog Iron, you can also obtain Bog Iron by sinking the enemy’s ship or boarding it. While venturing across the seas, if you come across any enemy vessel, ready your canons to shoot at it to either sink it or get close to it to board it to loot the Shipwreck Cargo.

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