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Skull and Bones: How to Get Jute



Skull and Bones - Jute

There are several raw materials in the world of Skull and Bones that players will get to find while exploring, scavenging, and sinking the enemy’s vessels. As raw materials are used for crafting various weapons, tools, and refined materials, one of the early materials that is essential for progressing ahead in the campaign is Jute. Jute is a type of fiber that players will be able to use for crafting their first new ship as well as crafting refined materials.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Jute in Skull and Bones.

How to Get Jute in Skull and Bones

The Jute is obtained by cutting down the plant clusters found around the world using the Sickle tool. Players can identify the Jute by simply opening up the map and hovering over the Jute icon. The icon for the Jute is a fiber which is pretty hard to miss and they can be found around the Saint-Anne region.

However, before you set sail to cut down the plant clusters, you need to craft the Sickle tool at the Carpenter shop. Fortunately, at the start of the contract ‘Tools of the Trade’, you will get the blueprint for the Sickle along with other tools including a Pickaxe and a Saw. Make your way to the Carpenter and select the ‘Craft New Items’ option to craft the Sickle with the required materials and a cost of 20 silver.

After crafting the Sickle, go to your ship and set sail to any one of the Jute locations. Upon reaching the location of Jute, you will get the prompt for ‘Harvest Jute’ once you are close enough. Press the F button to start the harvesting process which involves a minigame of cutting the trees.

A pictorial representation of Sickle will form among the trees with Yellow and Green Bars. Press the LMB to start the minigame and press the LMB when the Sickle reaches the yellow or green bar to collect Jute. If you don’t press the LMB on time and the Sickle goes ahead of all the yellow and green bars, you don’t harvest any Jute, and missing the bars three times will end in failure requiring you to restart.

Focus on the Sickle and try to press the LMB when the Sickle reaches green as it will grant you the best harvesting results but pressing the LMB on the yellow bar is also fine as it would still give you Jute.

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