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Starfield: How to Build & Power Extractors



Starfield: Build & Power Extractors

Extractors are one of the crucial structures for your outposts as they are used for extracting various types of resources from the planet on which you build your outpost. As the extractors are machines, they do require power and storage to store the extracted resources to keep them working. At the start, it can be a bit complicated for new players, especially the ones who have never played any of Bethesda’s RPGs. But, worry not this guide will assist you in building the extractors on your base and provide you with all the information you need to know to power up your extractors in Starfield.

How to Build Extractors in Starfield

To build the extractors, it is crucial for you to first build your base on a planet that you want. Make sure that you have placed down your Outpost Beacon to claim a surrounding land. Once it is done, you will be able to build and place down extractors in the vicinity of the surrounding land. To build the extractor, follow the following steps.

  • Interact with your Outpost Beacon to go open the Build Mode.
  • Now, switch to the Extractors tab to view the available extractors that you can build.

NOTE: The available extractors in the list will be according to the resources that are available in your outpost area. It will be different for all the players depending on what planet they choose to build their outpost on.

  • Select the Extractor and then place it above the land where the resources lie.

You will not be able to place the extractor if there are no suitable resources beneath the land. Make sure to find an area with the help of your scanner and then place the extractor above it.

How to Power Extractors in Starfield

Now, that you have built an Extractor on your outpost, you will need to provide it with the needed power. A usual extractor needs 5 Power in total to operate and the total needed power for all of your extractors can be seen on the bottom of the screen while in the Build Mode. To get and generate Power, there are three different ways.

  • Solar Array
  • Wind Turbine
  • Fueled Generator

Now, all of these Power options will depend on type of the planet you are on but the easiest way to generate power is by placing the Wind Turbine. If you are on a sunny planet then you can place the Solar Array to generate power easily as well. Both the Wind Turbine and Solar Array produce 6 Power each which is enough for running 1 extractor on your outpost. However, if you are on a Planet where you can find Helium-3 Gas, it is best to place the Fueled generator as it can produce 20 Power with a single generator.

To power the extractor, you need to place any one of the power sources or all of them depending on the planet situation you are on. After placing down the power source, you need to create an output line from the power source to the extractor to power the extractor. Your extractor will start functioning once it gets power.

Place a Storage Near the Extractor

The final and important step is to place a respective storage type near the extractor and create an output link from the Extractor to the Storage. It will allow the extractor to store all of the extracted resources to the storage. To build and place the storage, you need to go into the build mode and select the Storage Tab to find different types of storage. Place the storage according to the extractor and create a link between them so that the extractor works properly.

That is all related to how to build & power extractors in Starfield.

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