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Starfield: One Small Step – Walkthrough



Starfield: One Small Step

The One Small Step is the first mission of Starfield in which players will witness a mysterious happening that will set the course for the whole adventure across the galaxy. This guide will help you through all the main objectives of Starfield’s One Small Step quest so that you don’t get lost while completing the mission.

One Small Step – Walkthrough

The quest begins as soon as players start the new game and the first briefing cutscene ends. You will find yourself going deep into the mine via an elevator and listening to your supervisor Lin.

Follow Supervisor Lin

Once the lift has reached down into the mine, you will get control of your character. Follow your Supervisor Lin as you walk ahead into the mine and reach a crate from which you can get a Cutter. The Cutter is used to mine minerals and resources and you will be using it throughout the whole adventure. After getting the cutter, you need to mine a bunch of Mineral Deposits. Go to the left side of the crate and mine the minerals by using the cutter.

Once you have obtained the minerals, go back to Lin and follow her to a new digging site in the mine. Listen to the conversation between Heller and Supervisor Lin and then go deep into the Cavern to find a Strange Object. You will see a vision as you interact with the object, and your character will black out.

Create your Character

You will wake up back in the settlement of Supervisor Lin and you will get to create your character. Make a character personality of your choice and select a Background for your character as well as three different Traits for your character.

Equip A Helmet

After creating your character, follow Lin to the Airlock. Open the menu and select the inventory to equip a helmet from the Helmets Tab.

Meet With the Client

Follow Lin to the spaceport and wait for the Client’s ship to land. As the Client meets with Lin, talk to him to tell him about the visions.

Hold Off the Pirates

As you talk with Barret, pirates’ aircraft will be detected and you will get to experience the first combat in Starfield. Grab the Eon pistol from the box nearby and take out the pirates.

Talk to Barret

After taking out the pirates, go and talk to Barret. He will welcome you to the Constellation and Lin will say goodbye to you. Barret will give you the watch which will help you with monitoring the Oxygen and compass.

Board the Ship

Now, go inside the ship and interact with the hatch to go inside the ship. Walk up to the Pilot seat and interact with it to take control of the ship. Hold down the Take Off action button to go into the space.

Learn to Fly

You will be given a tutorial on how to fly the ship and all of the weapon mechanics. Go through the tutorial and you will get to destroy three enemy ships. Destroy the ships and loot their Ships’ Cargo. After dealing with the enemy ships, you will have to set course to Kreet Planet to deal with the Crimson Fleet captain. Open the menu to go into the Spacemap and select the Kreet to set the course. Travel to Kreet and land at the Kreet Research Lab location.

Deal With the Crimson Fleet Captain

After landing at the location, make your way to the Research Lab to find the Crimson Fleet Captain. Before you get to find the captain, you will have to take out several pirates. Go through the Research laboratory and make your way to the high ground of the Research Laboratory to meet with Brogan, Crimson Fleet Captain.

There are two different ways you can sort out things with Brogan. You can either persuade him or you can kill him by choosing the Attack option. By selecting the Persuade option, you will get 3 tries to persuade him. If you fail, he will open fire anyway.

Return to the Ship

Deal with Brogan in your way and once he is dealt with, fast travel to your ship. If you are overweight, then you will have to drop items until you are not overweight or you can just run back to the ship which takes a few extra minutes.

Grav Jump to Jemison

Once you are in the space, set a course to Planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System. Use the Grav Jump to reach the Planet Jemison.

Land at New Atlantis

Once you have reached the orbit of Jemison, wait for UC Security to scan your ship and after that, open the Spacemap and select the New Atlantis location on Jemison to land.

Go to the Lodge (Mast District)

After landing in New Atlantis, you need to make your way to the Lodge which is in the Mast District of New Atlantis. Go straight from the Spaceport to reach New Atlantis Transit which will take you to the Mast District. Once you have reached the Mast District, make your way ahead on the path and keep following it until you have reached the Lodge gate.

Interact with the gate to go inside and talk to Sarah. Go through the dialogues and then listen to the meeting. Once the meeting is over, place the Artifact (strange object) in the middle of the library. Listen to the meeting again and when you talk to Sarah agree on joining the Constellation on finding other pieces of Artifacts to conclude the quest.


Completing the One Small Step will reward you with the following items.

  • 400 XP
  • Constellation Pack
  • Lodge Key
  • 8000 Credits

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