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Starfield: How to Do Bounty Hunting



Starfield: Bounty Hunting

There are various ways for you to play the main protagonist of the game and one of them is by becoming a Bounty Hunter. You can choose to be a Bounty Hunter right from the start of the game as well and you can start doing Bounty Missions that other people and organizations put up to be in the shoes of a Bounty Hunter. No matter the case, you can become a deadly bounty hunter and give people justice for juicy rewards that contain credits and other items.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do Bounty Hunting in Starfield.

How to Do Bounty Hunting in Starfield

The Bounty Hunting is done by Accepting the Bounty Missions and completing them. To accept the Bounty Missions, players will have to interact with the Mission Board console which can be found in various Space Stations, Settlements on different planets, and Marketplaces in Civilized Colonies. However, before players will get to accept any Bounty Mission, they will have to progress in the main story until they reach Cydonia on Mars.

Here, they will be able to talk to an NPC who can tell them about the Bounty Missions and even point out a near Mission Board Console located on the left side of Cydonia’s entrance. After that, players will be able to accept Bounty Missions from the Mission Board consoles. Simply interact with the Mission Board console and then select any type of bounty mission you want to complete and accept it to start the bounty mission. There are different types of Bounty Missions that you will be able to find on the Mission Board.

  • Taking out a Ship
  • Taking out a specific Target
  • Delivering items to Planets
  • Survey certain planets

After accepting the mission/missions (Yes, you can accept multiple missions at a time), go for the hunt and complete the respective bounty missions to get rewards.

Different Mission Boards have different bounty missions so, make sure to locate the Mission Boards as you explore other settlements and planets to find more exciting bounty missions. Each mission will give a certain reward on completion and it is one of the best ways to earn credits fast in Starfield.

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