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Starfield: How to Pickpocket



Starfield: Pickpocket

There are various ways in which you can build your character to play however you want. Despite the main aspects of the game including the combat and looting items, you can make your character pickpocket the civilians and even the holstered enemies to steal their loot without even knowing them.

Looking to know how to pickpocket in Starfield, then you are at the right place. This guide will help you in making your character pickpocket in Starfield.

How to Unlock Pickpocket in Starfield

Starfield offers an extensive Skill Trees which allows you to improve your character’s potential as well as open new abilities for your character to perform. To unlock the Pickpocket ability for your character to perform, you will have to unlock the Theft Skill from the Social Skill Tree. It is a common skill in the Skill Tree that you can unlock early in the game by spending a Skill Point.

How to Pickpocket in Starfield

Once you have unlocked the Theft skill, you will now have the ability to pickpocket any civilian you see. To pickpocket, you will have to sneak which is crouching down in Starfield. Press the B Button (XBOX) or the Left Ctrl Button (PC) to sneak/crouch. Once you are crouched, follow your target who you want to pickpocket and as you get close to the target, you will get the Pickpocket prompt on the screen. Press the A Button while crouching behind your target to pickpocket and it will open the inventory of the target and show you all the things it holds. Press the A Button to steal the items from your target’s inventory.

Now, if you are behind your target from whom you are stealing, you will likely be less detected from your target. If you try to pickpocket from where the target could see you, you will get the “Detected” message on top of the target’s inventory. If you steal items while being detected, it will alert the target and other civilians around the area which will lead to a Bounty on your head. You can increase the chances of remaining undetected by upgrading the rank of the Theft Skill.

Keep in mind that for every pickpocket you do, 500 Bounty will be added to your name. it does not matter if you pickpocketed your target undetected or detected. The more pickpocket you do, the higher the bounty will become so, make sure to clear your bounty from time to time of you don’t want a high fine.

That is all related to how to Pickpocket in Starfield.

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