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Starfield: How to Repair Ships



Starfield: Repair Ships

To traverse the immense space in Starfield and explore the planets that are lightyears away from each other, it is crucial to keep your ship in a good state. If your ship is malfunctioned, you will not be able to lift off into the ship until you repair it. There are various methods to repair your ship in Starfield and in this guide, we’ll be telling you all the methods that you can use to Repair your Ships in Starfield for the continuation of your adventure.

How to Repair Ships in Starfield

The repairing of your ship can be done in two different ways in Starfield.

  • Repair the ship from Ship Technician NPC for 1,000 Credits
  • Repair it yourself while on board the ship by using the Ship Parts.

In the early game, every player will start with a few Ship Parts stored in the Cargo Hold of the ship and can use them to repair the ship by pressing the Right Stick Button (XBOX) or the O Button (PC). You can repair the ship during combat with Spacer enemies’ ships in space as well. The Ship Parts are mainly used to repair the ship and mostly during combat so having them stored in Ship’s Storage can make the encounter easier for you to replenish your ship’s HP whenever it is low during combat.

Alternatively, you can land on one of the civilized colonies on different planets and get repair service from the Ship Technician NPC. You can find the Ship Technician right next to the docking area of the New Atlantis location on Planet Jemison. Interact with the NPC and select the Repair Ship option to get your ship repaired for 1,000 Credits.

How to Get Ship Parts in Starfield

There are two different methods to get Ship Parts for your ship in Starfield.

  • Destroy enemy ships and loot the cargo of enemies’ ships.
  • Buy Ship parts from the vendor.

You can get free Ship Parts from destroying the vessels of your enemies but it can cost you a lot of damage to your ship. If you are willing to take the risk to get free Ship Parts then you can follow this method.

Alternatively, there are various vendors scattered on different planets that will happily sell you Ship Parts. One of the easiest vendors to visit to get the Ship Parts is UC Distribution Center located in the Commercial District of Planet Jemison. Visit the vendor to buy Ship Parts and then don’t forget to store them in your ship’s storage to use them to repair your ship in future space encounters.

That is all related to how to Repair Ships in Starfield.

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