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Starfield: How to Change Your Home Ship



Starfield: Change Your Home Ship

You can own up to 10 different Ships in Starfield but you can only have 1 Home Ship which would be the one that you can use to traverse lightyear distances with Grav Jumps. If you own more than just one ship, you might have noticed that the new ship that you claimed either by a reward or stealing, will automatically be made your Home Ship if you use Grav Jump on it.

Now, if you are wondering how you can reverse it and make your previous ship your Home Ship, then you are at the right place. This guide will assist you in changing your Home Ship in Starfield.

How to Change Your Home Ship in Starfield

To change your Home Ship in Starfield, you need to talk to Ship Services Technician NPCs who can be found on all major planets. One of the earliest Space Services Technician NPCs that you can find is on the New Atlantis location on Planet Jemison. The NPC will be standing near the Ship Port right next to a Kiosk. Interact with the Space Technician NPC and select the “I’d like to view and modify my ships” dialogue to open the Ship menu.

Once you are in the Ship menu, all of your claimed ships can be viewed and changed by pressing the LB/RB Buttons on the controller. You need to change it to the ship you want to make your Home Ship. Once you have changed it to the ship that you want, all you have to do is press the Menu (Three Horizontal Lines) Button on the XBOX Controller to make it your Home Ship.

NOTE: If the Ship is stolen which you are trying to make your Home Ship, you will first have to register it.

After changing your Home Ship, you can back out of the Ship Menu to take control of your new Home Ship.

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