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Starfield: Where to Find Titanium



Starfield: Titanium

There are various resources scattered throughout the different systems in Starfield that players can explore and find in their playthroughs. As resources are required for crafting useful items or research projects, it is necessary for players to mine the resources to unlock new recipes for items, weapons, gear, and outposts. One of the rare resources in Starfield that is worth getting is Titanium which is denoted by “Ti”.

Looking to know where you can find Titanium in Starfield, then you are at the right place. This guide will assist you in finding the Titanium in Starfield.

Where to Find Titanium in Starfield

Titanium is one of the rare resources in Starfield that is used in several crafting recipes and research projects. To find the Titanium, there are two planets where you can search for titanium.

  • Pluto
  • Titan (Moon of Saturn)

Both of these planets are in the SOL System which you can get to early in the game. Once you are in the SOL System, select any one of these two Planets and Press the LB Button to Scan them. Upon scanning the planet, your scanner will find the “Ti” resource which is the Titanium. The Ti is represented in a Navy Blue color so, make sure to set a Landing Target in one of the respective areas and travel to the planet.

After landing on the planet, equip your Scanner by pressing the LB Button and start looking for resources on the surface of the planet. Upon finding a resource, go near it to confirm whether it is titanium or not and use the cutter to mine the titanium. You might have to explore for some time before you get to a high number of Titanium deposits on either of the planets because it is a rare resource.

Alternatively, there is also a vendor on Titan (Moon of Saturn) who sells titanium. You can visit the Landing site of Titan and look for the shop in the settlement to buy the Titanium resource from the vendor. However, the vendor has limited stock so, if you want to buy more from him, you can try resetting the vendor’s stock.

That is all related to where to find Titanium in Starfield.

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