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Starfield: How to Save Both Realities in the Entangled Mission



Starfield: Save Both Realities

Entangled is one of the end-game and most complex missions in Starfield as you will get to make an important choice regarding saving one reality, either the Real Reality or the Burnt Reality. However, there is a secret method hidden in the quest that you can choose to implement to save both realities along with Rafael and the Scientists to get additional rewards at the end of the quest. In this guide, we’ll be going over all the steps that you need to perform to save both realities in the Entangled Mission in Starfield.

How to Save Both Realities in the Entangled Mission

Saving both realities will require you to activate the primary calibration in both realities by degaussing switches which will then allow you to shut down the probe saving both realities ultimately. However, there are certain things that you must do to achieve this method. Follow the steps listed below to save both realities in your playthrough.

  • First and foremost, follow along the quest and take out enemies in both of the realities but stop after overriding the lockdowns. The main quest will require you to disengage 7 switches but that is something you should not consider doing if you want to save both of the realities.
  • Use the Distortion to switch to the Real (unruined) reality and go to the lower level of the lab to find Rafael’s Body on the left side. Loot Rafael’s body to get Calibration Protocol Data Slate.
  • Now, open the inventory to find and read the data slate you found off Rafael’s body. After reading the data slate, use the Distortion again to switch to the Burnt reality and go inside the Computer Lab.
  • Interact with the Lab Control Computer and select the Degaussing process. It will require you to degauss 5 and 7 interlocks. To do so, go to each interlock switch and turn it off and on again to degauss them.
  • Come back to the Computer Lab and use the Distortion inside the Lab to switch to Real reality. Now, interact with the Lab Control Computer to see the interlocks you need to degauss in Real reality. It will be 2, 4, 5, and 6. Go to each interlock switch and switch it off and then on to degauss the interlocks.
  • Come back to the Computer Lab and interact with the Lab Control Computer to initiate the Frequency Calibration. Set the 40 GHz in Real reality and 24 GHz in Burnt reality.
  • Now, make your way to Primary Calibration Control and activate Primary Calibration in both realities.

Once you have done all of the steps correctly, a brief cutscene will follow and you will wake up in a world where Directo Patel and Maria are safe along with Rafael and you will be able to recruit Rafael as your crew member. By saving both of the realities, you will be rewarded with the following items.

  • Incendiary Calibrated Experimental Nishina Spacesuit (legendary)
  • Reactive Calibrated Experimental Nishina Helmet (legendary)
  • Aircraft Lambda
  • 19,000 Credits
  • 2,435 XP

That is all related to how to save both realities in the Entangled Mission in Starfield.

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