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Starfield: How to Get the Security Keycard in Access is Key Mission



Starfield: Security Keycard

Access is Key is a Ryujin Industries Faction mission in which you have to gain the Paradiso Security Keycard from the Security Chief. There are several ways through which you can claim the Security keycard as it is the primary objective of the quest. You will be able to start the quest by talking to Imogene.

Here is everything you need to know about how to get the Security Keycard in Starfield.

How to Get Security Keycard in Access is Key Mission

There are several methods through which you can get your hands on the Security Keycard but each method has a subsequent requirement.

  • Persuade Security Chief – Require a Suit or Security Guard Uniform
  • Pickpocket Security Chief – Require the Pickpocket Skill
  • Kill Security Chief – Raises Bounty

The best method to get the Security Keycard is by persuading the Security Chief. You can get yourself a Corpo Boardroom Suit from Aito Suzuki located inside the Ryujin Tower. After that, make your way to Gagarin Planet to land on Gagarin Landing spot. Once there, you will get the option to persuade the Security Chief and get the Paradiso Security Keycard peacefully.

If you want to pickpocket the Paradiso Security Chief, make sure to rank up the Pickpocket Skill and crouch behind the Chief where he does not see you. Interact with the chief and if the steal percentage is high on the Keycard, then go for it otherwise, you will get caught and you might have to pay the fine.

Lastly, you can kill the chief and the rest of the guards to get the Paradiso Security keycard but it does raise the bounty on you and you will be sent to prison whenever you get caught by the authorities.

That is all related to how to get the Security Keycard in Access is Key mission in Starfield.

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