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Starfield: Where to Find the Den



Starfield: The Den

Starfield offers 1,000 different planets to explore along with various Space Stations located in several Solar Systems. Exploration is one of the key aspects of the game and finding your favorite planet either for your outpost or living purposes is your right. However, there are some other interests in which you might be interested like finding the vendor that buys illegal items off of you. In such cases, your best bet is to go to the Trade Authority located inside the Den. In this guide, we’ll be telling you where you can find the Den to sell illegal items to earn credits quickly.

Where to Find the Den in Starfield

The Den is a Space Station in Starfield located inside the Wolf Solar System. Wolf Solar System is one of the earliest solar systems that you can visit and it is located Northeast of the Alpha Centauri Solar System. Once you have got access to the Grav Jump ability of your ship, you need to Grav jump to the planet of Chthonia in the Wolf System.

Once you are inside the orbit of Chthonia, you will be able to see the Den, space station. Fly over to the Den and dock your ship to the Den to get inside the Den Space Station. The main reason for you to come to the Den is to sell the illegal items especially, the Contrabands because the Wolf System is the only System in Starfield that does not scan you for any illegal items when you enter the system.

So, you can easily bring Contrabands that you find along the main/side missions or exploration to the Den and sell them to the Trade Authority vendor without any trouble.

That is all related to where to find the Den in Starfield. 

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